Who We Are

Joy in the Cause is a 501c3 charity focused on providing care, compassion, and joy, one personal act of kindness at a time.

  • CARE

    We help in practical ways and where it's most needed...from paying a bill or sending a care package, to delivering a stuffed Mavis Pearl dog or cleaning the house.


    When one family member faces illness, the entire family faces it. We try to make a tough road easier to bear. Sometimes the biggest miracles are hidden in dark places.

  • JOY

    We've been there. We understand. Some days are harder to feel joy than others. It's our goal to help even if just for a day, to lighten the load and bring a smile.


    No one should go through their journey alone. No matter the issue, someone can always relate. When we all come together, we can move mountains!



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As we load up the SUV with another load of care packages going out to local patients today, I have to admit, I wipe the tears every time we are loaded and ready to go.   Those tears come for so many reasons.  The generous hearts of our donors, sponsors,

We have many requests for color books in our care packages.  We receive requests from all ages. The Mavis Pearl color books have been loved by all!  Recently a precious patient undergoing chemo asked if we planned on making color books for the “gr

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