Joy in the Cause….Because Your Cause Matters.

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Joy In The Cause is a non profit charity whose mission is to provide care, compassion, and joy, one personal act of kindness at a time.

Joy In The Cause….and what exactly does that mean?  How can one have joy in a cause?   It began the day my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 5 years ago.  That very same week, I received the diagnosis of celiacs, and spondyloarthritis.  I was told to put up my running shoes, and call it a day.  (That was 10 pair of running shoes ago by the way)

As I sat by the bedside of my Mother after telling her she had cancer, and that I had received some bad news on my end.  We started laughing.  In fact her reply was “Well isn’t this just a hoot!”  And it was at that moment that we decided to make this the journey of our lives.  We would make it about laughter, about joy, and about helping others through their tough journey.  We would make it about giving back.  We would find joy in our cause.  chicken suit and mom

We learned that in the darkest of places, we found joy.  God gave us laughter when in reality there should be none.  There were songs sung, people met, lives touched all because there was joy.  It was a choice we made to make this a great journey.  From chicken suits to party hats in the chemotherapy rooms, it was an adventure.  It was an outside of the box adventure!  We learned that life is better when lived outside of our comfort zone, throwing the box to the curb!

We learned that it was about using the tools God gave us to help others.  And low and behold Mavis Pearl entered the picture and has not stopped sharing love and laughter since.IMG_4877

The Mavis Pearl Project began with the Mavis Pearl stuffed dogs.  These dogs are sponsored by donors, and are given out to patients.  They have blessed countless hearts.  Many boxes have even been shipped to Afghanistan to our soldiers.

IMG_6136These dogs, all unique with  handmade outfits,  are sent out with a prayer and a blessing.

We have been able to help countless people with practical needs.  Gas cards, money cards, house cleaning….or a visit from Mavis Pearl for Mavis Pearl stuffed dog delivery. IMG_4351

It was the desire and prayer of my sweet Mother, to have set in place a non profit organization to continue the help for others going through a life altering illness.  To help them find support, joy, and laughter.  It may come through a visit from a silly bulldog named Mavis Pearl.  It may come in a care package.  Sometimes it is the small, practical things in life that bring the most joy.  Some of the biggest treasures are hidden in dark places.  Whatever life altering “cause” or health crisis you are facing, we care. You are not alone in the journey.

Donations received help sponsor stuffed Mavis Pearl dogs that go to patients in and out of the hospitals.  Donations also go toward care packages sent to families needing assistance.

Visit us on facebook as well!  We will keep you posted on upcoming events.  Donations can be made on this site as well, as well as Mavis Pearl dog sponsorships.


Joy in the Cause….because your cause matters.



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