A wonderful Thanksgiving!

Joy In The Cause has adopted Palmer- Tulsa Women’s and Children’s Center. Palmer’s mission is to provide quality, compassionate treatment for substance abuse and addiction which promotes sustained recovery for adolescents, women and their families.  It is a joy to partner and help this amazing team whenever we can.

There has been such a need to have the resident rooms, and bathrooms painted and remodeled.  On one of our recent visits to Palmer we just knew when we left we had to do something to help get these rooms remodeled.  Many of the girls come in with nothing and then to not have a decorated room and just a bed and walls….that broke our hearts.  

 We put the call out to our volunteers to fill that need.

In one day every room and bathroom was adopted. Many of our volunteers giving their Christmas funds to use in decorating these rooms for the Mammas and their babies.  

We are grateful for the sponsors and stores who have jumped on board to help as well.  Thank you Lowe’s and Walmart!

The first two rooms were painted and decorated this week.  with 3 beds and a large bathroom. The theme? Bulldogs! Mavis Pearl fun! We wanted it fun and happy!

We will have all of the rooms complete by December 15 before Christmas!

Today we spent Thanksgiving with these Mamma’s and their children. Then we began decorating.

It was an all-day process but such a wonderful time!

We have spent so much time with these ladies and their children all this week and have listened to their stories, cried with them, laughed with them…many hugs and such precious moments.

Upon leaving today after we finished decorating, one of the ladies said “I feel hope for the first time since I can remember. You have made us feel like we matter. We have worth and we have purpose. We can make it!”

Hope is such a game changer.

Our hearts are full.  Indeed Giving = Joy, Joy = Hope, Hope = Healing.

I am thankful for our amazing volunteers who are making it all happen, and for God’s provision to help us get this done for them.  It is making such a difference.

A day of true Thanksgiving….in so many ways.