pt hugging stuffed mavis

We treasure these visits.

The superheroes at Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute are family.

IMG_5736Whether it is a first chemo or a last chemoOCSRI pt looking at mavis victory dance, we celebrate our friends and are cheering them on! It is an honor to be on this journey with them.

Thank you to all the nurses, doctors and staff for always welcoming us with such warm hearts!

Each patient received a special prayer quilt, stuffed Mavis dog and sweet treat from Frosted Tops Baker and Board member Christine Laudati!

Thank you Jennifer Harper, Christine Laudati and Edana Brook  forIMG_5763 lisa kissing pt OCSRIyour help!  Jeri Hylton thank you for making these visits extra special! Thank you Mary Hixon and the Trinity Baptist quilting gals for the amazing prayer quilts, and Sheryl Hawkins, Connie Sharpe and the Kalibrate crew for making those Mavis dogs SO awesome!