Joy in the Cause is a non profit 501c3 organization serving individuals and families facing life altering and crisis situations, one package of care at a time.


That care comes in all shapes and sizes. It may be through the comfort of an unhurried conversation and visit, or therapy dog visit from Mavis Pearl. It could be receiving a care package with the gift of a house cleaning, gas, or grocery card,  the payment of a bill, or receiving a stuffed personalized Mavis Pearl dog. Support looks different for every person going through a life altering illness or those facing special needs. When one Mom and I dancingmember of the family faces illness, the entire family is affected. It is our mission to help the entire family through the journey.

The journey is very familiar to Lisa Bain.

Joy in the Cause was created through the lessons she and her mother learned together through her mother’s cancer journey and her own diagnosis of two life changing autoimmune diseases. Those lessons taught Lisa how joy changes things and makes room for hope and healing. She found that laughter really is the best medicine and that miracles can definitely be found in very dark places.

Joy In The Cause……because your cause matters.






One of the things we hear on many of our visits with patients is the overwhelming feeling of being alone. As one dear lady said “I feel like I am the only one going through this, and I don’t even know where to begin?” It is our goal to make sure people facing illness know they are not alone on their journey. We want them to know they are truly cared for. Everybody needs a cheerleader. We have a group of cheerleaders that are sure to bring a smile of JOY to the heart! Not to mention a silly bulldog name Mavis Pearl that will definitely bring a smile to the heart…maybe even a few belly laughs!  With those visits come ajodi-and-peanut

Many of our volunteers have walked the cancer journey, many have faced special needs and traumatic situations and illnesses. Many have felt that intense loneliness. Out of their own journey they know how to help those going through the same thing. They are some of the best cheerleaders there are!

We Care. That is our mission!  Sometimes that caring comes through a IMG_6971package of care helping the needs of the patient and family. Every package of care  is different, based on the need. Whether it is a bill that is paid, a house cleaning, money, gas, or grocery card, we are there to help with the practical needs.

We recently visited a precious lady who wanted to simply have someone sit and talk to her about anything but cancer. What a glorious time we had! We looked at photos, sang songs,IMG_8433 wore funny party hats, laughed, and had 2 hours of doing just that, visiting. Cancer was not allowed in that visit! She later told us after she received some tough news, that the day of our visit gave her a “reference point” to visit in her heart, to remind her how to find that place of joy again when the bad news came. She called it, “her slice of normal”.

We are about helping those facing a life altering illness or special need find their “slice of normal,” even if for a moment, that joy has the ability to impact them the rest of their lives. We see it happen everyday.






IMG_8268When one member of the family faces illness or a special need, the entire family is affected. The majority of IMG_6931responses to the question of “How can we help” is…..”please help my family, help the siblings who are not ill but feeling the affects from facing illness together as a family.” Every illness and need is different. Every care package we give is different as well. One sweet lady wanted a rotisserie chicken (her favorite food), and someone to just help her feel like she was not alone on this journey. That rotisserie chicken never tasted so good. The day was filled with joy, laughter, and a good memory for her to hang onto as she faced the journey ahead with her husband who was terminally ill.

IMG_0356Can you imagine facing cancer, and chemotherapy appointments alone? Can you imagine going alone in a taxi cab to receive those chemo treatments or dialysis? Unfortunately that scenario happens a lot. We want that B21992CE-64E2-4217-B86D-06DFBA7E45B3scenario to change. When a person feels like they have support, prayers, and people to help them through the journey, it is amazing how it just makes the journey a little easier to handle. Where there is hope, there is healing. We are there to offer hope through compassion. Some acts of kindness simply are reassurance someone is there for them. Their cause matters. THEY matter.


Whether it bTHANK YOU TULSA CANCER INSTITUTE!e a snuggly stuffed Mavis Pearl blessing dog, groceries, payment of a bill, a gas photo-23card, money card, house cleaning, or a visit from Mavis Pearl to help bring a smile, or someone to simply be an encourager on the path ahead…..we are there to lend a compassionate hand.









IMG_7887JOY is spreading! We are so excited to see the entire community experience the joy of giving and paying it forward! From school groups, churches, organizations, businesses, and other charities jumping on board to help, people are experiencing the JOY of giving back and paying it forward! It is going full circle!


One of the little vessels that make much of this giving possible is our little IMG_7488stuffed Mavis Pearl dogs. It is the “calling card” for IMG_3050Joy In The Cause. One dog represents so much love. Many groups have come together to help make tutus, bandanas, collars, and outfits for each dog. No dog is the same. Every item on the dog is hand made with love. That is what makes these little “Miracle Mavis blessing dogs” as we call them, so special! We have given out over 40,000 dogs with care packages  in the past 5 years! How is that even possible? It is possible when a community comes together to make it happen!  We have over 600 volunteers, our village of angels who make it happen!  Many students receive service hours by making tutus and outfits for these little dogs. They enjoy it so much they often continue on as a volunteer even after their service hours are met.  Schools have Make-A-Mavis days, fundraisers, and school projects all helping these little miracle dogs go out to those in need of a smile.



the purpose project 2The Purpose Project is an exciting way we have expanded the community outreach of JOY and support to our senior heroes!  An organization, group, or church, even groups of individual volunteers adopt a facility and visit regularly.  Many of these senior heroes fall through the cracks and haveIMG_6989 no support system.  We already have facilities adopted from Sand Springs, Coweta, Mannford, Sapulpa, Owasso, Collinsville, Claremore, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Bixby….and it grows weekly!  Groups such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Tulsa Tech Owasso Students, Rainbow Girls Claremore, Many local church groups,  youth groups and schools….have jumped on board to IMG_7228adopt!  We even have a special group of kids who have challenges of their own but don’t let that stop them!  They are even holding fundraisers to raise funds for care packages they deliver to residents monthly.  ThIMG_7284ey are called “Special Delivery!”  They have their own Facebook page!  To read more about this amazing Purpose Project, just visit the project tab on the home page.    Read about how you can become involved!  Community at work making a difference and and changing lives, one personal act of kindness at a time!







Joy To The Rescue – Project: Kids In Crisis, impacts the lives of police giving flashlightchildren and equips first responders with resources to soothe a child’s fear. First responders often have to help kids in crisis leave their homes without toys or clothing.  Joy To The Rescue supplies a backpack full of love and comforting gifts during a scary time.  

The mission began when Joy In The Cause, Local Police Departments,  and an independent education consultant with Usborne Books & jttr lisa handing backpackMore teamed up. These backpacks are distributed to first responders, and organizations helping children in crisis.  They have them on hand and in their vehicles to help when the need arises.

Each backpack given to these kids in crisis contains books, age appropriate toys and activity books,  colored pencils, hygiene items,  T-shirt, Mavis Pearl plush dog, and more!  These are items that first responders requested so they will have the tools they need to help in crisis situations. 

Diaper bags are now assembled as well with items helping babies in crisis.  Filled to the brim with items from onesies, diapers, bottles, baby hygiene items and items for the mom, these diaper bags are helping in such a vital way.  

The stories we hear of first responders reaching children in crisis made us jump at the chance to get these children the help they need. We are all about community and coming together to help those in a time of transition. These
children matter to us! We are very passionate about this cause and have been overwhelmed at the businesses and organizations getting involved to make this a successful community-wide endeavor to reach these children in need!

Over 18,000 backpacks have been delivered in the past 4 years since the birth of this project. 







The stuffed Mavis dogs are the calling card of Joy In The Cause.   A special Mavis with a hand-made outfit accompanies every care packages delivered.  Each special dog is sent out with a prayer and blessing.  No Mavis dog is the same.  And how do we create these outfits by the thousands?  Many groups have “Mavis Making Parties!”  When the community comes together for these parties it’s amazing to see what happens!  JOY, fellowship, new friendships, an avenue of support, come onto the scene!

11051584_10faewadfiaoedf153036861046208_213033859_nMany of our volunteers who come on board to help make Mavis outfits, have said “I found my purpose! I am using my talents and giving back to help others!”  When they see where those little dogs go and the joy they bring, there is just no better feeling than knowing they had a part in it all.

It is amazing to see how many people truly want to help, and pay it forward. 11149591_10155478955250543_7014087367452325304_oThey just don’t know where to begin!  involvement in dressing these little dogs, develop friendships and truly what happens cannot be described. It is incredible how much healing happens when a person steps outside of their box to help others.  Giving = Joy, Joy = Hope, Hope = Healing. That’s what Joy In The Cause is all about. The full circle of how paying it forward heals the heart!

We have been approached by people who say we should mass market these Mavis dogs, already dressed and ready to go. To do that would be leaving out the most important part of the JOY equation… Community! That’s what makes these dogs so special! The process of getting them ready, the love that is poured into each one, and the prayers over each person that will be the recipient is what makes these dogs such a blessing.

IMG_0433Ask the Sand Springs 5th grade cheerleading squad who had a major impact on a community! Over 178 dogs sponsored in honor of their fellow student who was battling leukemia. They helped deliver dogs to patients undergoing chemo. These girls have been so touched by JOY that they continue to raise funds for more dogs! To date they have raised over $6000.00! A little group of cheerleaders on a mission of JOY! It just doesn’t get better than that!

We love our sponsors to get involved with us! We love for them to see first hand senior suites 22where their donations go! We post many pictures on our social media because we want you to see who is being helped because of the gracious gifts given. Many of our sponsors have gone with us to deliver stuffed Mavis Pearl dogs to patients. Truly some of the most precious moments are on the days when our sponsors are with us to see what they made possible. We love it!senior suites44.jpg

Group of ladies giving thumbs up!

We love our community! And we are excited about the wonderful opportunities that are on the horizon to get more of the community involved in spreading JOY! It’s an exciting time! We would love for you to join us!






Chicken Suit, Mom and Dr. StreetWe set out on this journey of cancer and autoimmune disease on a quest to find joy in a very dark place. We wanted to give to others who were hurting. We wanted to make it a journey of hope. Was it possible? Indeed it was. As we ventured to chemotherapy appointments with party hats on and a chicken suit in tow, we found the entire atmosphere of chemo visits changed. It was a celebration of life, not one of fear or sadness. Even on the worst days of my Mom’s treatment, we chose joy. We visited with each patient and realized they needed the same thing! Everyone needs joy! Some people just don’t know how to choose that joy when a heart is so crushed by illness.

Patient holding Mavis dog

On one of our visits to a local cancer treatment center, a precious lady who we had visited several times who was dealing with terminal cancer said to me “thank you for giving me a reference point of how to find joy! I just needed a reminder it was possible and was there for the taking if I chose it! I just needed a cheerleader to cheer me through to find it!” What a joy it was to be her cheerleader!

Sometimes joy comes wrapped in unlikely packages. It may not be doing a cartwheel in the doctors office or jumping for elation! It may be the simple knowing you are not alone. There is someone who cares, someone cheering for you and praying for you. It may come in the form of rest. Rest in knowing someone has your back.

Laughter is the best medicine! You may see us jumping for joy and you will often see us wearing silly hats!  Why? Because you cannot have a sad face when wearing a silly party hat. The silly party hat became symbolic through our battle with illness. It became a symbol to us and a reminder that life is to be celebrated. It is a gift to be opened everyday! Such beauty and miracles are waiting! My Mom and I had a party hat in every room of our house to remind us of that celebration and JOY that were waiting if we chose it. It was always the right decision.

mom praying over dogsMy Mom would always say “What you see is what you are looking for!” We set out looking for joy and miracles in the darkest journey of our lives, and we found the biggest miracles we have ever seen! Because of that choice, Joy In The Cause was born. And as a result thousands of care packages have been delivered and thousands of people touched by JOY! Many have learned as a result how they too can find that bright spot in the dark journey. We are always so touched when we see those very people walk through their journey and in turn pay it forward to help someone else. The joy continues and goes full circle! That is what Joy In The Cause is all about! There truly can be light in a very dark place.

So get your party hats ready! We are on a quest for JOY! It is truly medicine that heals the soul!

We care about your Cause. You matter to us!