ator 2017 sherlock mavisator 2017 holding big check lisaWe spent a JOYful afternoon with the Ator Elementary School students in Owasso.

These amazing students have been holding a fundraiser for Joy In The Cause all week long. They presented us with a check for $1696.54 today and the happy tears began!  We were overwhelmed!

img_3836This will provide first responders in Owasso backpacks filled with items of comfort for kids in crisis, many times facing the scariest timeator 2017lisa talking to group of kids of their lives.

We LOVE working with the students and seeing the hearts of these kids! Many of these kids did extra chores, even gave their allowances for this fundraiser.

Angela Nymeyer Butler you are such an amazing teacher. We treasure you and all the teachers and staff at Ator.

ator 2017 teachers who got mavisWe are grateful beyond words for the lives youator 2017 lisa and angela have touched because of your generous hearts! We can’t wait to show these students where donations are going and the lives they are helping.  They have learned the power of giving!  Paying it forward is healing to the heart in so many ways.  We loved hearing the stories of what this meant to them all!  Thank you Ator Elementary!

ator 2017 halls with mavis