Well it’s official!


Volunteers of all ages make these projects the success they are!

Our biggest backpack delivery will happen in the


Intern Pam setting up the “What If Monster” backpack table.

next few weeks!  In fact it has taken two solid days to just prepare for the big “backpack packing” day that will happen soon.

These backpacks are filled with items that bring hope and comfort to children in crisis.   First responders have these backpacks in their car, ambulance, helicopter, and firetruck


It takes a village!

ready to help at a moments notice.  We receive many stories of how heartbreaking calls were


Dr. Bone from Woodland West Animal Hospital dressing dogs that will be going to Palmer.

helped by these backpacks.  They have been such a useful tool to help first responders when help is needed most.

These backpacks are delivered to agencies helping children who are abused and trafficked as well.  We receive a list of items needed, and the backpacks are filled with those very items.

lisa and robotics backpack filling

Tulsa Memorial Circuit Chargers volunteering and donating thousands of flashlights going into backpacks!

The list of first responders requesting these backpacks is growing.  And thanks to


Getting the assembly line ready!

sponsors like QuikTrip, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, First Mortgage, and individual donations we are able to meet that need!   For more information on how to sponsor, volunteer, or just learn more about this

IMG_1226 2

Backpacks for our First Responders!

project just Click here

A huge thank you to volunteers who spent their Saturday helping!  Dr. Bone, Tulsa Memorial Circuit Charges, and our village of JOY angels!  We could not do it without them!