Some days I feel my Mom in such amazing ways. I always feel her smile and know she has a heavenly front row seat on our visits to Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute.

These visits take me back to some very vivid, and precious memories. I know every seat she sat in, every joke we told, every crazy hat we wore, and every promise we made to each other. One of those being that Joy In The Cause would always be there for these superheroes who became our family.

These visits are so dear to me. From first chemos to last, these superheroes inspire me and I love them all so much. The patients, the nurses, doctors….family. You can’t make these visits and stay the same. Perspectives change, focus changes… things that truly matter, and the preciousness of life more real. Don’t take a second for granted. In a heartbeat, things can change. Don’t listen to the noise in life, only the music.

Thank you Joy In The Cause volunteers who worked hard on the Mavis dogs, Mary Hixson and the quilters at Trinity Baptist for the prayer quilts, the precious volunteer who made the port pillows for us, and the sponsors who make these package deliveries possible. Thank you Chardonnay White and Shannon Carr Starr.