There is nothing that makes our heart happier than when we receive photos of recipients who receive our JOY care packages.

And when we receive photos all the way from Afghanistan of soldiers holding up their stuffed Mavis dogs and hand made quilts, well that makes our day beyond words.

Those care packages are sent with so much love and prayer.  We are so grateful for our veterans, and our service men and women.

These care packages make a difference.  They are there to remind our soldiers that they are not forgotten, they are supported and we are so appreciative of their service.

It is also a reminder of home.  And we fill those packages with items that will bring those memories of home.  Cards created by students fill many of the boxes we send off.

What a wonderful way for our community to come together to show support for these heroes!

We are so grateful to our sponsors, donors, and volunteers who make these moments happen!  

God Bless America!