Today is the first day of National Volunteer Appreciation Week and we wanted to start the

Audrey Holland: Volunteer of the month!

week off letting our Joy In The Cause volunteers know how much we appreciate them!

So we had a painting day at Pinot’s Palette!

It’s always a celebration when we are with our village of angels! We are celebrating them all week!

We are grateful for each and every one of them! We could not do it without them!

A huge congratulations to Audrey Holland who is volunteer of the month this month! She has over 4000 volunteer hours and counting! Award winner extraordinaire!

Thank you Pinot’s Palette Lisa Woodward Riley we love you all and appreciate you all so much!

Thank you to all of our leaders! YOU GUYS ROCK! Shannon Carr Starr, Meredith Fuller, Shelly Hollis Tacha, Heather Yates, Carol Power, Ronda Perkins, Janet Greenwood Varnell, Debbie Davis Phillips, Sheryl Hawkins