IMG_9525Mavis Pearl had a fun time today shooting a commercial at Oklahoma Cancer Specialist Research Institute. IMG_9510

We love the crew there so much and are always so blessed on these visits.  We had the opportunity to make some patient visits while we were there, and work the fabulous commercial crew.

Mavis was pretty excited about it all too!

This is where it all began.  I consider the nurses, doctors, and staff family.  lisa and jeri hyltonMany hours were spent with my Mom on her chemo visits, and what a joy journey it was.  We found suchIMG_9483 treasure in the darkest journey of our lives, and met some life long friends who became like family.  And many of those angels are at OCSRI.

Thank you OCSRI for the incredible support on this journey.  They have truly been such an amazing supporter and sponsor on this journey.

Life is precious, time is short, focus on the things that matter.