gracy holly running shoesI love my morning runs with my dog Holly. She always waits for me with the leash in her mouth, wearing such anticipation and a Holly Jolly smile on her face. As we took off for our run this morning it was a beautiful day. As I was listening to my favorite tunes and enjoying it all, Holly started to slow down. I kept encouraging her and making sure she was ok. Her eyes intent and focused. I thought it was probably a squirrel or another dog that caught her eye. Then suddenly she came to a screeching halt, and would not go another step. She made her screeching halt stop right in front of me. I was a little frustrated in her antics to slow me down, I have to admit. As I bent down to see if she was hurt, a huge truck came barreling out of the driveway (that was blocked by another car) and literally almost ran over Holly’s tail as she stood in front of me. He didn’t see us. But Holly did. Holly knew way before we reached that driveway their was potential danger and she began to slow me down, even making me stop and protecting me from what could have been a fatal moment.
After the truck made it’s speedy exit never even knowing we were there, I sat on the curb a little shaken up, but looked over at Holly and she was wagging that tail with delight, licking my face, and doing the Holly Happy Dance as only Holly can do. She knew I was ok and that’s all that mattered to her. She was ready to keep going now thatpicnicholly she knew I was safe.

My dogs teach me many lessons, and this moment with Holly was yet another lesson. I thought back on the year and all the lessons I have learned. There were moments this past year where I was going through life and all the sudden things came to a screeching halt, a roadblock so to speak. You know those moments that happen where we become hurt or frustrated thinking “why is this happening?” Those moments that kind of suck the wind out of you? But what I realize more than ever was God saw the road ahead. He saw the “backing up truck” that could potentially do harm not good and pulled me out of it to go another direction to safety. Even in those moments of frustration when I was whining that I was being slowed down. He knew. He knew what was ahead and knew the perfect plan. He knew what was needed to complete that plan. His plan was not my plan, it was better.

road-blockThese moments have taught me more than ever that those “screeching halts” are really God’s grace. Grace to love me so much He will literally, like Holly did, protect me and guard me from things that would detour His plan…..if I let Him. If I would have refused Holly’s warnings to stop and kept pulling her to continue the run….the result could have been catastrophic. It’s my job to trust God’s plan on every step of this journey, and let Him work. Sometimes that requires me to be still, know He is God, and He has my back. He just does.

My Mom always said get “outside of the box” and stay there! That’s where the miracles are. Trusting God in those twists and turns and those “Why is this happening” moments….takes wpid-32512f94eeb2e89e4d46da7fdd0b0e98you right there….outside of the box. Mom was right. Some of the biggest miracles I have ever seen have been outside of that box completely trusting God in it all. In every area of my life, from friendships to family, health to daily life….He’s got a great plan. It’s my job to let Him work.

I want to encourage my friends who feel “stuck”….like a roadblock has been put in front of you to hang on! Whether you have been hurt by friends, family, your health, work, finances, home life….whatever the situation, God cares. He see’s the road ahead that you don’t see and He’s working. Sometimes the greatest roadblocks bring way to the greatest miracles. I have seen it happen time and time again. And I always find myself saying “why did I get so upset? God was working all the time!”

What joy there is in knowing God’s got this! Hang on! Your miracle is coming!