Help Spread JOY by sponsoring a project
room at Joy in the Cause.

These rooms connect you to the mission of Joy in the Cause. They are where joy is created and where the magic and miracles happen! By sponsoring, you help us create joy that can then be delivered to the community one care package or backpack of hope at a time.

You can sponsor a room on your own or you can form a group of your family, friends or co-workers and sponsor together! We will list the name of the group and all the individuals who donated for the room adoption in your project room! Your sponsorship makes a huge difference in the amount of joy we can spread!

Sponsorships can be made in your name, your company name, or in the memory or honor of a loved one.

You have the choice of monthly adoption, 6 month adoption, or 12 month adoption!

Thank you for impacting lives and sharing JOY to help those facing hard times. We are so grateful for your support!

Just go to the link below to make your adoption! 

Room Adoption Link

Donations are 100% tax deductible!  

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