IMG_6780 The Joy In The Cause hope visits are some of the most precious visits.  From hospital visits, to hospice and home visits, we are there to help in any way we can.  These visits put everything in perspective.

Life is precious.mavis with shelby in last days

We adore these families, they become like our own. Mavis is Mavis mom hospice (1)asked often to visit patients while in hospice. The second we go, she just knows….it’s apparent… and what love and comfort she brings.

I remember how much Mavis meant to Mom while she was in hospice, and it blesses my heart to know we can help other families going through this journey with their precious family member.

compassion patientThere’s nothing sweeter than singing songshospice pt together, sharing stories together, and petting a silly bulldog who is just so happy to be by their side.  Some of the most precious times we have ever had have been with the families as they are with their beloved family member on their journey to heaven.  No words can describe these moments.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. <3