How it All Started

You’ve seen all the stuffed Mavis dogs, the chicken suit, the backpacks, the care packages, the party hats and joy jumps, but you’re probably wondering how it all began. In 2011, Joy in the Cause founder, Lisa Bain, and her mom found out some life changing news while visiting the doctor. They were informed that her mom- her very best friend, had stage 4 ovarian cancer. On the same day, Lisa also learned of her own autoimmune diagnosis. Together, they decided to take this journey head on and find joy in every possible moment.

Around the same time, Lisa got Mavis Pearl, the ambassador of it all here at Joy in the Cause as well as an amazing therapy dog. During this 5 year journey, they were able to bless others going through treatment like her mom with the joy of having Mavis Pearl come visit them. Mavis has played a special role for quite some time. Although she is now phasing into retirement, she will still carry on and touch the lives of others through our plushie stuffed Mavis that we send out in the backpacks and care packages every day.

No one tells the story of their time together quite like Lisa does. If you would like to hear what she has to say about this incredible journey, watch the video below.