It has been a busy week at Joy In The Cause!

life church switch6 We love our volunteers!  Our office stays busy with our village of angels as they prepare care packages, dress stuffed Mavis dogs, sew quilts and items for the stuffed dogs, and so much more!

Our “sowing” room most definitely lives up to its name. Many seeds of love are sown in this room to bless those who are struggling with a life altering illness or special need.  Many facing the most fearful time of their lives. life church switch

We have many groups who join in and help and one of those groups…. our Life Church volunteers!  It is a joy to have been chosen as one of their mission partners and almost 200 Life Church members volunteer with Joy In IMG_5366The Cause.  Spreading Joy to the community far and wide!  This week the Life Church Jenks Switch Team helped get Mavis dogs ready to go out this weekend.

With almost 500 volunteers, we are able to meet theIMG_3836 huge request for care packages.  Every care package looks different, that is what makes them so special.  Every family has a different need, and we try and help the family where needed most.  Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.


mavis dogs for DAWe have several articles coming out soon and one of them went out yesterday.  Here is the link to read about how those stuffed Mavis dogs that are each sent out with a prayer and a blessing (and much TLC!) are helping the Tulsa District Attorney’s office.  Children in frightening situations have a little comfort through those little dogs now.

Click here to see article

We are busy preparing for the BIG annual gala!  It will be our best yetto-the-moon-collage-for-website-w-out-harley-spot and if you have not purchased your ticket yet, reserve your spot quick!  Only a few weeks away and the 21st will be here!  Click this link for details

To the Moon and Back Gala Ticket Info

Don’t let your running shoes get too RC 5K Run Logo 2017 2comfortable though, because right after that on May 12th is our annual Rustic Cuff Run Benefitting Joy in the Cause!  It is not just a run but an event!  With live entertainment (Midlife Crisis Band!) and Kid’s Zone, a 5 K and 1 mile fun run and a special rustic cuff made just for this run!  Register with the cuff soon because cuff registration will be ending soon!  Here’s the link for information and registration:

Information for Rustic Cuff Run

The fun never ends at Joy In The Cause.  Our office is busier than everpolice giving flashlight but that means we are helping more people than ever.  We cannot do it without your help and support!  Your financial help keeps those care packages going out and thousands in the community who are facing such a difficult IMG_1226 2time in their lives.  Monthly donations are critical for the Joy To The Rescue Project Kids in Crisis.  When those backpacks are delivered by first responders, we replace them.  The need never ends.  Thank you for your donation and for your support!  It is a community effort and it is working!  We are grateful!   Donation Link Here