It was a wonderful night and an honor for Joy In The Cause to be a part of the Children’s Cancer Gala.

We love being with the children behind stage, with care packages and big hugs for all!  Many of these children still battling cancer, some are in remission.  They are all superheroes.  Our amazing volunteers hand made and personalized many of the items in the care packages/backpacks given to each child.  130 given out last night.  Thank you Dawn Wells and Nancy Spradling for their many hours on these backpacks, Mavis dog outfits, and quilts. It was a joy to see the ones who we have helped, and reunite with them and hear the updates!

The night was filled with fun!  Celebrities walked each child down the runway in the fashion show filled with surprises!  It was a joy to spend time with them all.  Tony Romo always loves his Mavis dog.  Last year he was guest DJ, this year he walked the runway with some superheroes!  We are grateful to Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach who work with this event every year and to Jennifer Arthur who does a magnificent job and is very dear to Joy In The Cause.

Last year over $800.000 was raised and we are pretty sure the million dollar goal was met last night to help fund children’s cancer research.  It was an honor for Joy In The Cause to be a part in the magnificent night with these superheroes!

A huge thank you to our Joy In The Cause team who helped and worked hard yesterday getting things set up.  We have a village of angels and two of those angels know this road way too well.  Their sons battled cancer and they said goodbye to them only a few years ago.  Yet here they are helping others find joy and blessing these families through their own journey of loss.  Heather, Dempsey, Nancy… are heroes.

It was a beautiful night.