What an honor to spend time with the students at Happy Hands Education Center today!

Joy In The Cause and Mavis Pearl truly were blessed beyond measure by this amazing facility and the angels who make it happen! Thank you Janine Barnett Pride for having us! You do amazing work!

These moments are some of our favorites. We would not trade them for the world.  

Each child received a backpack with a special Mavis Pearl dog matching their class logo, a Mavis Pearl color book, crayons, lovey blanket and much LOVE!

Thank you to Lisa Woodward Riley, Angela Morgans-Johnson, Chardonnay White and Skipper Bain for helping me today and to LaVeta Owens, Nancy Spradling, Joann Sieber, Trisha Michelle Tiffin and the sowing room crew who made the special mavis outfits on the mavis dogs given to each student. Wow….such a precious day.

Please check out Happy Hands Educational Center Web page at happyhands.org, and their facebook page Happy Hands Education Center. Their mission: to empower children who are deaf, hard of hearing or have communication disorders to flourish.