Finding Your Purpose…..

He snuggled his Mavis Pearl dog up to his face and said so sweetly…..”You made my day”…..and closed his eyes to hug that little dog even tighter. What he didn’t realize is that he made MY day. These moments working with hospice facilities and nu

Finding Joy in the Stillness

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  How can there be joy in the midst of tough news? How can joy jumps happen when the body just physically cannot jump? Are you kidding me? Laughter in such pain? I hear these comments often. And my heart literally aches from the difficult journey som

Detours and Roadblocks….

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I love my morning runs with my dog Holly. She always waits for me with the leash in her mouth, wearing such anticipation and a Holly Jolly smile on her face. As we took off for our run this morning it was a beautiful day. As I was listening to my favorite

  The look of a child when they see that puddle just waiting to be “stomped” in!  It doesn’t matter what nice Easter dress or little suit they are wearing, what matters is that puddle! It never fails when I see the sight of a child running

A little kiss from heaven….

  A little kiss from heaven… I can hear her sweet voice say those words as if it were yesterday.  “These precious dogs all have a little kiss of heaven on them Lisa!”  My Mom would daily take baskets full of the dogs and say praye