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Our Joy To The Rescue Project Kids In Crisis project is full speed ahead!

In fact we have delivered more backpacks this last month than ever! What makes it exciting for us is seeing the pictures sent from first responders.  Many of the children receiving the backpacks are facing the most fearful time of their lives.


in brochureAs one police officer shared, “these backpacks have been such a blessing and help us in so many ways.  They have bdsc04865ecome such an important tool for us to have on hand to help in tough situations we face, keep them coming!”


It is important to us to work with these first responders and help IMG_0431them in any way we can.  Some have requested certain items in the backpacks that will help them in an even greater way.  We work to meet all those needs and requests.  The feedback helps us make this project the best that it can be for these heroes and children.



It takes a village! And what an amazing village we have.  IMG_5519Our volunteers work non stop to hand make every item on those little

IMG_0836stuffed Mavis dogs, and every quilt.  So much love, prayer and blessing go into each backpack, and we know that is what makes them so special.  Some first responders call the mavis dogs the “miracle mavis dogs!”  It’s not just a bag full of items, it is a bag full of love, and hope represented by hundreds of loving hearts that made it happen.


We cannot thank our sponsors enough!  QuikTrip, Freddy’s, First Mortgage, Kalibrate, Briana Lundsford with Usborne Books and mavis pearl with 2 boys visited by popseymetro loading up police carMore, Rainbow Girls of Claremore, and the many many individuals who donate toward this project to make it so successful…thank you!  There are no words to express how appreciative we truly are!  A picture says it all, and we hope you see the love and joy in these faces that YOU helped make happen!


Unfortunately this project has no end.  We wish there were NO children in crisis, but unfortunately that is not the case.  These backpacks are being refilled to first responders as they hand #17JTTRthem out.  As word gets out at how much these are helping, the requests are greater and more first responders are asking for backpacks.  We are already working on the next 1000 backpacks.


The need for sponsors and donors with this project is great.  If you are interested in making a donation or getting your business involved we would be thrilled!

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mavis to little girl 2To learn more about the Joy To The Rescue Project Kids In Crisis Project

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Thank you for being on this journey with us and helping our first responders and these children in crisis.

You are making such a difference!