IMG_0786Every day I get to see the incredible work our local first responders are doing in the community, and daily I am completely in awe.

Joy To The Rescue, Project “Kids in Crisis” has diaper bag recipient TWCblown all records and surpassed every goal this year because of our amazing sponsors, volunteers, and community! Thousands of children in crisis reached. Thousands of backpacks given to first responders to have on hand to give to these children on their calls.

This week as I listened to testimonials from those jttr office and abandoned childfirst responders….I just could not stop the tears. (What a week!) Our first responders are superheroes in my book! Superheroes on the scene first who see things that are unfathomable and face situations that I can’t even wrap my head around when I hear thefire passing backpack stories.

I am thankful for so many things as I look back on 2017, and one that tops the list are these amazing angels who put their lives on the line every day.

Thank you Lord for our first responders! May they all be blessed beyond measure!

#thankafirstrespondertoday #superheroes

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