It is a JOY to see filled backpacks going out weekly to help children in crisis through our Joy to the Rescue Project Kids in Crisis.

Tulsa Police Officer Ross

The testimonials that come back are heartwarming and help us see the impact of this project.

Tulsa Fire Department

 Not only are these backpacks a tool to help first responders have in their vehicles for these children, but they are such a comfort to the children they help in crisis situations.  Some of these children are facing the scariest time of their lives.

This last quarter 2296 backpacks were delivered.  This pie chart give you an idea of the where those 2296 backpacks were delivered and the children they reached.

These backpacks are a “safe place with a handle”!  They provide many items of comfort, and give hope in what can sometimes feel like a very hopeless time to these precious children.

William Barnes Child Advocacy Center

Facilities helping children in crisis also have these backpacks on hand to help as well.

The needs are great right now, greater than ever.

Air-Med Team

 Many of you have asked how you can help with the backpack project.  We are SO grateful for your support right now.  Whether it is monetary donations, or donations of items in the backpacks, or the backpacks themselves, that help is greatly needed!  Thank you!  We could not do it without you.

 This link provides you with lists of items that go into each diaper bag and backpack.

Joy To The Rescue Project Kids in Crisis Backpack Items

Donation Link