Joy To The Rescue – Project: Kids In Crisis impacts the lives of
children and equips first responders with resources to soothe a child’s fear.IMG_5646

First responders are often called to help kids in crisis leave their homes without toys or clothing. Joy To The Rescue supplies a backpack full of love and comforting gifts during a scary time.

rogers loadThe mission began when Joy In The Cause, Local Police, and an independent education consultant with Usborne Books & More teamed up. These backpacks are distributed to police, fire, life flight, and centers for children in crisis, and centers to help those involved in trafficking.  The list grows daily.  The need is ongoing and when the backpacks are delivered we replace them.

IMG_3705Each backpack given to these children in crisis contains a variety of items:  a ‘What If Monster’ book and plush toy, (helping children who are facing fearful situations), activity books, reading books, colored pencils, Mavis Pearl coloring book, a special T-shirt, and a Mavis Pearl plush dog. Many of the backpacks also include toiletries, flip-flop shoes, flashlights that don’t require batteries (donated by the Memorial High School Robotics Team).

When we receive requests for special items for a particular group, we meet that need.

We are all about community and coming together to help those in a time of crisis or transition.   We are thrilled to see the community jump on board in a huge way!  Thesejttr lisa handing backpack kids matter to us. We are very passionate about this cause and are excited to get other businesses and organizations involved to help in an even greater way.  You are making a difference!

THANK YOU QUIKTRIP! QuikTrip logo color stacked

QuikTrip is one of our leading sponsors of the JTTR Project!  We are thankful for this wonderful partnership!




Joy To The Rescue: Overview

Joy To The Rescue: Backpack Assembly

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jttr freddy's shirtsFreddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers has generously donated their special t-shirts that are included in the backpacks.   Every time the shirt is worn to a Freddy’s, the child receives a free custard!

Usborne Books & More Books to the Rescue! is a book drive for first responders started by an independent Usborne Books & More consultant in Ohio. This program makes Usborne Books and plush toys available for first responders toIMG_5683 gift children in crisis. Books to the Rescue! relies on the support of corporate and personal donations plus Usborne Books & More’s generous matching grant program “Literacy for a Lifetime(LFL).”


“A unique initiative like this comes at a time when police across the country are facing many challenges. On a national scale, Books to the Rescue! enhances community goodwill and strengthens ties between the community and our local law enforcement! On a personal level, Books to the Rescue! impacts tbixby2he lives of children and equips first responders with resources to soothe a child’s fear.”  Briana Lunsford




“It is said that people often meet police officers on the worst day of their life. Unfortunately, this can also be true for children who have been neglected or abused. Even for a child who is physically abused by a parent, being removed from thepalmer11 home can be a very traumatic experience. Most children are removed or abandoned without so much as a change of clothes or a favorite toy to hold at night. As a Tulsa Police Officer I have spent hours with children that are scared and disorientated and could use some kind of comfort.”  TPD officer



“This program can provide children with a distraction and even something to cuddle as they face the biggest transition of their life. On many occasions I have wished I had something to give to these children. Now with this program, myself and other Tulsa Police Officers can better serve children in need.” – Amy Jensen, TPD

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