We are SO excited to have ALL of the B-Sew Inn locations (Tulsa, OKC, Muskogee, Fayetteville AR, Springfield MO) helping Joy In The Cause! They are helping with our stuffed Mavis Pearl outfits, embroidery, and more! We are making such precious frie

Thank you B-Sew Inn!

It was a joy to speak at the B-Sew Inn in Muskogee today. These angels learned how to make stuffed Mavis Pearl bandanas and Mavis Pearl outfits and are jumping in to help us keep up with our supply! All locations are helping! We are THRILLED to have their

What an amazing day! What a wonderful Open House FUNraiser! Again I am speechless at the support of our amazing community and their outpouring love! There are SO many people to thank it would be a novel! Today would not have happened without our amazing J