The Purpose Project in Action!

We are SO proud of these students! The Lakeside Kids for Christ (Mannford, OK) and their leader Lisa Hudgins are shining lights! The Joy In The Cause Purpose Project is going strong and we are THRILLED! Regular visit are made to these Senior Heroes and i

Mavis Pearl in Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine!

What an honor to have been asked to participate in an article on the life of Mavis Pearl.  The Tulsa Lifestyle crew is amazing and did such a great job on this article titled “The day in the life of a dog”.  It is taken from the dog’s They are finally here! The Mavis Pearl color/activity books are on sale now! $10.00 gets you one of your own and donates another to a child with a life altering illness or special need.

Thank you KOTV Channel 6!

We love Six in the Morning and KOTV – The News On 6 so much! They are such an amazing support to Joy In The Cause. We spent the morning at the station taking pics with LeAnne Taylor, Six in the morning anchor, (who will be in the Mavis Pearl calenda