JITC at Chili Bowl Nationals!

What a great week this has been at Chili Bowl Nationals! It has been a joy and a blessing to see all of the support and see old friends and meet new! So many of you have come out to show your support. Thank you!  Mavis Pearl had so much fun taking pictur

  What a great morning with Darryl Baskin on his radio show. Joy In The Cause was chosen as the non profit spotlight on his show today. We enjoyed meeting the crew and guests.   A huge shout out for Darryl and all he does in the community!   It wa

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! We want to wish all of you a blessed and beautiful Christmas! We are so grateful for you all.   What a wonderful day to reflect back on all of the miracles of the year.  There were many!  Thousands of care packages were delive

Thank you QuikTrip!

One of the wonderful things we are so thankful for this year with Joy In The Cause is our amazing partners and sponsors. One of those being QuikTrip. They have enabled us to help thousands of children in crisis through our first responder backpacks this y