legacy making dogsWe are so proud of Legacy Christian School!  TheyThank you legacy Christian School recently held a “Joy In The Cause Day”and these students, teachers, and staff blew us away with their incredible support!

We were presented with not only a check for $2617.00 but the school held a book/colored pencil/toy drive to help fill our shelves with items that will be going in the backpacks for children in crisis through the Joy To The Rescue Project Kids In Crisis.

legacy danette1What a joy it was so see the generous and precious hearts of these children to want to give back to helppraying over dogs kids 2 other children in need.  These students not only sponsored all the stuffed Mavis dogs that went into their backpacks but they dressed each one and even said a big prayer over their dogs as they boxed them up to go to their new homes.

There are so many to thank for this amazing school wide fundraiser.  legacy 0Nichole Potter, Danette Hinson, Sarah Hinson, Nancylegacy boy Phelps, Shelly Tacha and every teacher, student, and staff who did an outstanding job organizing it all.

Once again we are blown away by the support of the community.  The needs are so great, and the need for support is great.  We could not do it without our donors, sponsors, volunteers, and the community coming together to help us help so many who are facing the most difficult time in their lives.

Thank you Legacy Christian!

legacy christian check 2