1621782_713275548693032_2086083814_nA little kiss from heaven…mavis_hug_circle

I can hear her sweet voice say those words as if it were yesterday.  “These precious dogs all have a little kiss of heaven on them Lisa!”  My Mom would daily take baskets full of the dogs and say prayers over them, and pray for the one who would be receiving the dog. In her last days when she was bed bound, those baskets would lay beside her bed and she would continue to pray over those dogs.  It brought her so much joy.

I know she had a glimpse of how far and wide and how many hearts these little dogs would touch.   They have touched countless hearts and have brought a community together in so many ways.  From schools, to organizations, businesses, to youth groups, what makes these dogs so special is the loving, giving, caring hands that create and cover that dog with such love and care.   From clothing items to tutus, bows, bandanas, and collars, each item is hand made with love.   They are then sent out with a prayer and a blessing.  The community has jumped on board to pay it forward in a big way, and JOY is spreading!

It is truly amazing!

IMG_0698 2We hear  many stories weekly of those who receive the Mavis Pearl dog in a care package and in turn want to help make clothes and tutus for the dogs to help others receive the joy they received….through these dogs.  A recent care package went to a precious family who said it brought “hope in the midst of tragedy”.  The dogs brought their family such joy,  so much that they wanted to pay it forward and help others receive that same joy!  They began sewing clothes for the Mavis dogs and the children joined in!  You know what happened?  JOY!  Joy in the midst of tragedy!  It is helping through the toughest journey of their lives with their son who is battling cancer. That is what Joy In The Cause is all about.  Finding treasure and miracles even on the darkest of days.  Is it possible?  I can personally say YES!  It was in my Mom’s darkest journey with cancer and my darkest journey through autoimmune disease that we found the biggest miracles ever…..and Joy In The Cause began.   IMG_6684

Nursing students with Mavis Pearl dogs

In the past 3 1/2 years over 30,000 Mavis Dogs have left our front door to bring smiles to hurting hearts.  Every dog different, all unique and specially made with tender loving care.  Care packages go out daily to help patients and their families in need.  Those care packages are all different just as the needs of each family is different.  Our donors and sponsors and volunteers make it happen.  I am forever grateful to the village of angels sent to help make these moments happen!

My Mom would always say “Lisa, what you see is what you are looking for.”   We looked for miracles even in the darkest of days….and we always found such treasure!  What are you looking for today?  May you find buried treasure and great miracles in your journey.  Your cause matters!

Lisa's Mom with Mavis & Mavis Plush Dogs

Lisa’s Mom with Mavis & Mavis Plush Dogs