Our Joy In The Cause volunteers are a village of angels!

Today 10 facilities getting masks sown by that village. They are sewn, sanitized, air tight sealed, prayed over, and sent out with much love to those on the front lines.

We just finished sealing up the last 20 for the day. More will go out tomorrow.  And we will continue as long as the masks are needed. 

A HUGE thank you to that village of angels and those of you who have jumped on board with us to help sew those masks, and make donations for supplies that are going fast! They are in GREAT GREAT demand, and we are thrilled we can help.

Donation link to help us keep up with supplies:


We can’t thank our community enough. The funds have helped us keep up, and the hearts to give the man power needed has saved the day! We have an amazing community helping us help those on the front lines!