It is moving week!  Better yet….expanding week!  Growing pains are wonderful when it means we are able to help more and more people in need.  In this case it will be children in crisis through our “Joy To The Rescue Project Kids in Crisis”.  This project has grown so big that we have outgrown our current office!  So we are expanding (same building) to a warehouse across the hall that will hold all the inventory for this project.  Our goal is to make this project so streamlined that backpacks are filled every month. That means backpacks can keep going out to our first responders, and facilities as soon as they deliver them and need a refill.

We once thought at the beginning of this project we would be refilling backpacks every year.  We are now refilling every month to keep up with the demand!  We are sad that there is such a high demand, because that means there are many children in crisis.  As we hear the stories of the heartbreaking cases our first responders come in contact with daily….it’s overwhelming.  But then we hear how these backpacks filled with items they have requested that they need for these children are helping and we are thrilled!  The testimonies are incredible.  I am daily brought to tears at the impact these backpacks are having on these children and first responders.

“These diaper bags and backpacks work wonders. Our life flight crew keeps them on board and the comfort they have brought is indescribable. We are constantly amazed at how a stuffed Mavis dog, and the items in the diaper bags and backpacks can turn a situation around for a child in trauma. These backpacks enable us to calm the child so we can do what is medically necessary to intervene on their behalf.  K.O.


These backpacks are working miracles! We work with many 
abused children in such deplorable conditions and
circumstances. Many are violent and vent their anger out 
through hurting others, criminal behavior, and other
destructive means. We watched a backpack calm a 14 year
old girl who is currently in juvenile detention. She acts out in 
such violence and has assaulted many who have tried to help
her. I was chosen to go in and try and talk with this young 
girl about what she was going to face in court. For fear I was
 going to be her next assault victim, I walked into our meeting 
armed with my backpack in hand. In one word I can tell you 
the result was miraculous. She grabbed the bag, held that 
stuffed Mavis dog in her arms and started coloring in one of
 the books that was inside of the bag. She was calm, she felt
 comfort. I was able to have a very productive conversation with her and she left with a smile on her face holding that backpack and Mavis dog with such pride. The case workers were in disbelief! They asked me about this project and wanted backpacks! It was truly a miraculous moment for us all to watch. Thank you Joy In The Cause! J.B.


We are always in need of sponsors and donors to help us as we grow and keep up with the needs.  We could not do it without you!  There are no adjectives that can adequately  describe our appreciation for those who have given to make this project the success that it is!  QuikTrip has been an instrumental sponsor in getting this project off the ground and going as strong as it is!  Other incredible sponsors and donors that have helped this project:  Freddys, J David Jewelry, Microsoft, First Mortgage, Rainbow Girls, Delta Theta Chi, Ark Wrecking, Ator Heights Elementary, Creekwood Elementary, Metro Christian, Praise Ministries, Life Church, Rustic Cuff, Kendra Scott, Kalibrate, Woodland West, OCSRI, and many individual donations.

We are also so grateful for any donations like color books, colored pencils, hygiene items, activity books, small toys, washcloths, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes and baby items.

For monetary or item donations just contact Lisa Bain at  Your help is appreciated beyond words and helps us continue to reach more and more children in need!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!