Every day that is another day in this pandemic, is another day I see God’s hand in such incredible ways. We always talk about finding treasure in dark places at Joy in the Cause, and every day is a treasure hunt. (Especially in a pandemic). But I have to say it has not been hard to find the treasure. It is in community, it is in the hearts all coming together to help, it is in the things that are NOT things but the relationships. It is the hearts that are enabling Joy In The Cause to continue the projects we have going….from the safety of our homes. Even though our office has been closed to protect our staff and volunteers, we have been busier than ever…..from our homes. God brings angels to keep providing fabric, supplies, sewers, cutters of fabric, sponsors and partners so that as of today over 2520 masks have been sewn and mailed out to those on the front lines. Our heroes! We are so grateful to Mary Puckett Hess and the B Sew Inn team for helping in HUGE ways! I still look at that amount and shake my head in awe. Only God can do stuff like that! In 2 weeks???!!!

Care packages are still going out (from those mailing from homes) and our first responders schedule pick ups for backpacks to go out to children in crisis. In fact a pick up was today to help some very special kiddos in need. Those needs are greater than ever because of domestic violence and child abuse on the rise because of this pandemic. More activities, games, and things to help children at home have been added to many of the packs during this pandemic.

A huge thank you to Cane’s chicken who have provided thousands of kids meals during this time. In fact to end our day, we went through the Cane’s drive thru for dinner and it was DELISH! Please support this amazing restaurant for all the help they are providing to so many during this time of crisis.

Skipper and I talked on the way home and truly see God in such beautiful ways, even in a time that is so difficult. Our lives have changed. Our priorities have changed. This has changed our normal to a much more meaningful normal. Time, family, relationships, and friendships redefined. Our community will make it through this stronger, better, and braver than ever! We thank God everyday for the treasure of that community, and are grateful beyond words for the hearts and heroes who are making a difference…..walking in faith, not fear. We persevere!