There it was!

The box with all of those pottery creations, each made with such personality and character.  My son went through a season when he was in highschool of making pottery bowls.  We even had a pottery wheel in our garage and he would be out there in 100 degree weather making pottery!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  After that season of pottery making passed, I stored those creations in the attic.  Finding those pottery bowls was so very timely.   As I looked at each one, I was drawn to one that was cracked in a few places, yet it was so beautiful and one of my favorites.

As I held that little cracked bowl in my hand, I felt God once again reminding me of how He sees such beauty even in the cracks of life.  Oh those cracks of life!  Ever have those days where the cracks seem almost “unfixable?!”  Those “Oh God HELP” cracks and cries of desperation for God to answer.  Yes, I have had many of those times.
But what I learn every single time is that God holds us in His hand and molds us through those cracks….those different experiences and hurdles in life.  And as I cry out for His help….sometime he makes little changes and other times he fills the cracks and closes them up.  I think sometimes those cracks remain so that the glory of His presence can shine out of those very cracks for others to see.

I have a picture at home that says “You are never too broken for God to use your story”  I think many times it is through those broken parts of our story, of those jars of clay if you will, that God can show up the most.  I know in my own life if I am really honest with myself those broken parts are really some of the most beautiful places in my life.  They taught me life long lessons, taught me how to love bigger, forgive more, and drew me closer to the Lord and what He had waiting for my life.

The difficulties and cracks of life which to us may seem to be unfair and meaningless are really opportunities for God, the master potter to make us into a vessel of honor and blessing….and what is even more amazing is that it is often in that very place of brokenness that we find our purpose and calling.

2 Corinthians 4:7

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”