We cherish our partnerships so very much.  As our projects grow, and the testimonials come in, we want to share those with you.  That is why we also have a page just for those testimonials:  Testimonial Page Link

We recently dropped off “welcome bags” filled with a blanket and items that bring comfort, and a feeling of “home” for the girls who are just coming in to the RISE shelter. RISE (Restoring Identities after Sexual Exploitation) is a shelter providing a safe living environment to youth girls under age 18 who are victims of sex trafficking and/or commercial sexual exploitation.  Our Joy To The Rescue Project Kids in Crisis partners with this organization and makes sure welcome kits are supplied for these young ladies coming in. Recently we received a testimonial from RISE and wanted to share it with you.  Our sponsors and donors made it all possible.  Thank you!

“One of our young ladies came to us with nearly no belongings, along with her heartbreaking stories of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. We have partnered with Joy
in the Cause who provides welcome bags and blankets for the girls. One of our newest young ladies was given the welcome bag along with the blanket. She said, “I’ve never had a blanket this nice. I don’t even want to open it.” She holds it in her lap in the package and rubs her hand across it. Healing is slow and comes in the gestures that seem to be the smallest.

Thank you to everyone who supports RISE – thank you, Joy In The Cause, for partnering with us!”