IMG_0838Sowing Room Night!  The room where many seeds of love are sown

 We love these nights with our volunteers!  StudentsIMG_0841 learning how to sew, and create so many items that are placed in the care packages.

That is what makes those backpacks and care packages so special….the love, prayers, and TLC that each volunteers puts into each one. They are made with IMG_0850suchIMG_0840 love.  One little stuffed Mavis dog represents many volunteers having a very special part in creating and making it very special.  No stuffed Mavis dog is the same.  All IMG_0842unique and all such a blessing to not only the giver but the receiver as well.  

We have a village of angels, over 600 strong and jttr girltruly we could not do what we do without them all.  What they do is endless, and priceless!  

They sow seeds of love every single day and the harvest is truly JOYful!