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Help Us Share The Joy!


IMG_1202We could not do it without our sponsors and donors!  Over 52,000 care packages, in the last 5 years have gone out because of our sponsors and donors.  One of the things that matter the most for us is for our sponsors and donors to see first hand where their donations are going.  How many times have we donated to an organization and really never quite knew if it made it to where we really wanted those funds to go?  We NEVER want that to be the case with any of our sponsors and donors.

We LOVE their involvement in seeing the difference those donations are making.  Many employees of business who are sponsors help with packing of care packages, backpacks, and even help create the outfits on the stuffed Mavis dogs that are in each care package.   Students from schools are jumping in as well.  Many schools hold fundraisersIMG_5519 and the students have a front row seat to helping with care packages they helpeIMG_5578d make happen.  There is nothing more touching to us than seeing our sponsors, and donors blessed by the power of paying it forward.  Joy In The Cause is just as much about those givers as receivers.  Giving = Joy, Joy = Hope, Hope = Healing.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us help thousands who are facing the toughest time of their lives.  We could not do it without you.









QuikTrip is one of our largest sponsors for the Joy To The Rescue Project Kids in Crisis.  Thousands of backpacks have dsc04819police giving flashlightbeen delivered to first responders who have those backpacks in their vehicles to give to children in crisis they are called to help.  The stories of how these backpacks are helping is incredible.  The backpacks are refilled after they are handed out. This project is growing state wide as OHP now delivered to areas across Oklahoma.  These backpacks are now going to homeless children, trafficked and abused children, and the facility list keeps growing.  The need is great and QuikTrip is helping us meet that need.  We are so grateful to QuikTrip for their incredible support of this growing project to help thousands of children who are facing traumatic situations.

Young Businessmen Tulsa, Tulsa Women Fellowship, Tulsa Christian Businessmen

These three amazing organizations have been a huge support for many years and we could not be more grateful.  They have raised thousands of dollars for every project at Joy in the Cause, held fundraisers and galas benefitting JITC, and been hands on in every way.  Ted Robertson, Matt Moore, and Kim Spence lead incredible organizations making such a HUGE difference in our community.  They are world changers in every way and we love working with each one of them.  We consider them family!



Jill Donovan/Rustic Cuff

rcjilllisasThose who know Jill, know she is one of the most generous people you will ever meet.  We love and appreciate Jill and therunners !! Rustic Cuff crew for their incredible generosity.  They host our annual Rustic Cuff Run Benefitting Joy In The Cause every year.  Our first year over 8000 attended, and approximately 3000 ran!  It was a sight to behold.  Special runners cuffs are designed for the runners, and the prizes for the winners are a Rustic Cuff DREAM!  This run is an event for the entire family, and we are grateful to Jill for her incredible support.  Thousands have been raised because of her generosity.




We are thrilled to partner with Komen Tulsa!  Because of this partnership grant we are able to help breast cancer patients on a much larger scale!  That help comes in the way of a care package filled with items needed during their cancer journey, with money cards included to help with gas, groceries, prescriptions and other items needed.  It is a joy to work with the Komen team and have their incredible support as we work together to help more breast cancer superheroes than ever.





Tedford Insurance

We love the Tedford team!  What an amazing group of supporters with some of the biggest hearts we have ever seen.  We are grateful for all that they have poured into JITC.  Many of their team are volunteers, and are hands on in every way to help those battling illness and facing crisis situations.  Thank you Tedford Insurance Team for your generous support!




Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

FreddyA huge thank you to Freddy’s who have held fundraisers throughout the year raising thank you freddy's shirts collagethousands for JITC.  They also donate t-shirts for the backpacks that are delivered to children in crisis.  When these children wear these t shirts to the restaurant, they receive a free ice-cream. It is a favorite item in that backpack!  It has been a joy to have the managers in our office as they help pack the backpacks they sponsored.  This amazing crew even delivered those backpacks!  We love and appreciate the heart of this amazing business.  And we happen to think Freddy himself is pretty amazing!  He recently received a care package himself!  We love Freddy’s!




T D Williamson

What a wonderful year it has been with the T D Williamson team!  We truly treasure their partnership and are grateful for their incredible support!  The T D Williamson team make regular visits to JITC as they are involved in every project!  They are been a huge support for Joy to the Rescue Project Kids in Crisis helping with the Street School backpacks this year.  You will find many of their top executives volunteering and even making tutus for the Mavis dogs!  (even wearing tutus themselves!)  Such a fun team to work with.  We love this crew and think they are world changers!  They have definitely helped change the world for many children in crisis through their support!







Joel and Kendra Wiland:  J. David Jewelry

j-david-christmas-lisa-and-joel-with-suitA huge thank you to Joel and Kendra Wiland!  Where does one begin to jdavid-week-group-badescribe the generous hearts of these two?  They are the owners of J David Jewelry in Tulsa and Broken Arrow.  We are grateful for the fundraisers they have held at their stores for JITC.  They were large donors at our To The Moon and Back gala creating a one of a kind pendant for all of the guests.  Joel even created a special pearl necklace that was in the backpacks delivered to the trafficked/abused children in the Tulsa/Oklahoma area.  They have reached thousands in need through their generosity.  Joel and Kendra were recently at our backpack filling event helping out.  We are so grateful for their sponsorship!





pt hugging stuffed mavis#7A TCIOklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute

Some of the most generous people!  Every month we deliver stuffed Mavis dogs, prayer quilts and a sweet treats for the patients undergoing chemo and radiation.  Many of the doctors, nurses, and staff make these visits possible!  It has been joy to work with this amazing group of angels and partner with them.   They have become family.

#9OCSRI mom and dr streetchicken suitWe are so grateful to be met with such generosity and support, and open arms on our visits.  Many doctors have sponsored those monthly visits for the patients.  OCSRI is one of our main gala sponsor every year and are responsible for thousands of care packages going out yearly!  Their donations and support mean the world!














danika-patrick-chili-bowlArk Wrecking/Teresa and Scott Morgan:  Chili Bowl Fundraiser

Teresa Morgan and Scott Morgan also are responsible for the Chili Bowl fundraiser every year!  This event is such a hchili-and-ricouge success every year and there are so many who make it happen!  Thank you Hahn family, Morgan family and the many who volunteer at the JITC booth all week!  Teresa and Scott also donate to help with the Mavis dogs that are deliver to patients at OCSRI for patients in chemotherapy and radiation.








Group of ladies giving thumbs up!

Rich & Cartmill

sponsors stuffed dogs, and books  that we delivered to every student at the Little llh-party-rc-baileyLighthouse.  They also sponsor the Christmas Party we hold for for LLH every year.  We love the Rich & Cartmill crew!




Cancer Treatment Centers of America

It is a joy to partner with CTCA!  Care package deliveries are made regularly to patients undergoing chemo and who are in-patient.  Not only is CTCA a wonderful sponsor, but their nurses and staff are also involved in volunteering.  Many have been involved in making stuffed Mavis Pearl outfits, tutus, and other items that are delivered to the patients.  The patients even get involved in helping as well!   We are grateful for these superheroes and all they pour into the lives of patients battling cancer.  We treasure this partnership!




Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute

This is the third year to have support of NEOCI.  This team is truly amazing and a joy to work with.  Their sponsorships help Joy in the Cause help more cancer patients than ever.  NEOCI is located in Claremore and extends the reach of helping more in need.  We cherish their support and consider it an honor to work with this incredible institute.








American Airlines

We love American Airlines!  This group has jumped on board hands not just in donations but hands on!  It is a joy to sponsor employee days with American Airlines.  These angels have dressed hundreds of Mavis dogs, and sponsored care packages.  Airline miles help with trips for patients needing assistance with transportation to facilities.  Thousands donated to help us help these patients in need.






SYNERGY THANKYOUcollage with golf cartSynergy Motorworks and Huber Wraps

When the biggest surprise rolled out of the Synergy Motorworks parking lot, it was a moment we will never forget.  Ryan Cost and Jay Huber have sponsored many events, and projects for JITC.  One of the biggest donating this amazing JITC golf cart. (The surprise of all surprises!)  It went in one golf cart and came out a golf cart of JOY!  They have donated their services, and are also responsible for the Harley Davidson motorcycle (ticket sales donated to JITC).   Jay and Ryan have some very big hearts to give back.  They were also a big sponsor for our 2017 gala, and continue to help with fundraisers throughout the year.  We are grateful for these two amazing businesses who give back in amazing ways!







Skyline Animal Hospital: Dr. Jana Bone

Everyone asks “who is Mavis Pearl’s Veterinarian?”  Well here you go!  Dr. Jana Bone owner of Skyline Animal Hospital.  Dr. Bone has been a huge sponsor and volunteer of JITC and heavenly involved in Joy to the Rescue Project Kids in Crisis.  Her team has raised funds, volunteered, and held fundraisers to help many children in crisis through this program.  They are not only sponsors but family.   They have hearts of gold to help the community, and not just the people involved, but their fur babies as well.  Thank you Skyline Team!  Skyline just opened a new clinic at 2 N. Elgin in Downtown Tulsa!  918-347-5883






Our student sponsors making a difference!




Rainbow Girls of Claremore

IMG_1413These amazing young ladies have held fundraisers, volunteers at events, and helped inrainbow group pic more ways I can list to ensure those backpacks and care packages are filled and delivered with love.  These girls are setting such an incredible example of how paying it forward changes lives!  The Ebersole family has helped lead the way with this amazing group of Rainbow Girls.  If there is a need, they try and meet that need.  They recently made a donation of over $2000.00 that provided the special “what if plushie and plushie books” that go into each backpacks for the children.  And of course they were there to help fill the backpacks!  We love this group and their families so much.  Our sponsors become like family, and that is what we love the most.  It is about relationship, not just experience.


kids for christ jump in front of stationLakeside Kids for Christ

These amazing kids have raised money for backpacks, helped dress Mavis dogs,#18kids for christ1 copy and have even adopted a nursing facility through the Purpose Project.  Every month they have a special activity for the senior heroes in Mannford, OK.  Their leader Lisa Hudgins has such a precious heart to help these children see the value in giving back.  And they love it!  They were recently featured in our profile video for the wonderful work they are doing.





Ator Elementaryator 2017 lisa and angela

ator elementary collageIt all began with a precious teacher named Angela Butler.   And this school has now made it a yearly fundraiser where thousands have been raised to help JITC.  Thank you Mrs. Butler!  We look forward to our yearly visits with these students.  (Mavis loves visiting these students every year!)  This last year thousands were raised, and there was not a dry eye in the place.  Watching these kids jump on board to help other children touches the heart in indescribable ways.


IMG_4340Tulsa Technology Center Owasso IMG_1226

This amazing campus holds fundraisers every year providing hundreds of stuffed Mavis dog care packages to those battling illness.  They have even adopted a nursing facility though our Purpose Project and make special visits to our senior heroes! The students help from raising the funds to creating the care package and even have a part in the delivery.






#16Thank you Tulsa Memorial High School Robotics ClubTulsa Memorial High School Stem Robotics Club Students

These students have led the way!  From the beginning of the Joy To The Rescuelisa and robotics backpack filling Project Kids In Crisis these students have been involved.  What more creative way than what they have donated!  Thousands of flashlights have been donated by these students for the backpacks for children in crisis.  But not just any ordinary flashlights.  These flashlights don’t need batteries!  Just shake the flashlights and they are ready to go!  They have been a favorite item in the backpacks and the first responders have amazing stories of how these have helped on calls they have made to children in traumatic situations.  Another thousand are ready to go out in a few weeks, and these students will be packing those backpacks and helping from beginning to end!






Thank you Monte CassinoGirlScout Troops, 4H, and Brownie Troops

Our students are making such a difference.  Thousands of dollars, thousands of IMG_1580hours have been donated by students.  They have some of the most giving hearts!  Seeing those “ah hah” moments is what it is all about.  As we left one visit recently, a young student who had just made a visit to an elderly patient, sponsoring the care package and delivering it herself replied to me “thigirl scouts jumpss was the best day of my life!  I made a difference!”  We hear those statements often from these students and it is truly one of the reasons JITC was born.  It is just as much for the giver as the receiver.  Sometimes it is in the giving that the biggest blessing of all comes our way.  Seeing students catch hold of these life changing “ah ha” moments is what it’s all about!


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