Mavis Pearl has a “Mini Me!”



Mavis Pearl has a twin! It comes in the form of a soft little stuffed dog, and this little dog spreads joy everywhere it goes. Each dog has a signature bandana and Mavis Pearl tutu.   All items on the dogs are hand made with tender loving care.  Some of the custom Mavis Pearl outfits will have you in awe!  We are daily amazed at the blessing and little miracle stories we read about of how these little dogs have sent joy to the recipients.  We have many loving, praying hands, that work on these dogs and send them out with a big blessing.  My mother used to work on these dogs and pray over them by the baskets full.  She always said they had a little kiss of heaven on each one.  She was right.  They are special little bundles of joy.

These stuffed dogs are available for purchase, or to sponsor. Sponsored dogs are personally delivered to patients in and out of treatment. From hospitals to nursing homes, deliveries are made weekly. These dogs bring joy and comfort all over the world. From Afghanistan to Australia, dogs are being shipped out.

Schools have even jumped on board with fundraisers for sponsorships of Mavis Pearl dogs. What a blessing it has been to see students give back to those in need. If you would like to purchase or sponsor a dog, just go to our sponsorship page. Visit the store to purchase a stuffed Mavis.

All Mavis Pearl and Joy In The Cause merchandise is available in our store.

If you would like to read about how these dogs touch hearts, just go to the testimonial page and read some amazing stories!

IMG_9340IMG_6684Patient receiving her mavis dog