We love hearing from you!  Your stories bless our heart and we are so grateful for them all.  We want to share a few of the testimonials with you.

You matter to us!


care package leulf familyMany weeks ago when my husbands health was struggling a wonderful charity sent us a care package. Joy In The Cause, a non-profit based in Tulsa, OK, brightened our day. The Mavis Pearl dogs have since been a favorite of our young ones and Atlanta dresses her dog often, (and shhh, don’t tell anyone but Addison has kept his basketball dog next to his pillow) Joy in the Cause made an impact in my heart that day and I smile often when I see my little’s play with their dogs. Those were some tough times and these small acts of kindness go further than I can express. Thank you Joy In The Cause! Caroline





“I recently was diagnosed with cervical cancer recurrence, & my family & I have been thru the ringer. Tonight we received a JITC care package per my wonderful friend’s request. Let me say, what a sweet & wonderful care package on floor of ptsurprise!!! It touched me to tears to know that there are people so kind & thoughtful that they will take time to help someone they don’t even know. I hope God blesses each & every one of you. And please know that you are appreciated beyond measure”  Kristin






It’s been a tough season of life for our family. One afternoon we received a knock on our door from UPS. A

patient testimonialhuge mystery box was delivered and what was inside is the definition of joy. My two young sons, ages 1 & 4 opened the package filled with hot wheels, hand crafted wooden racecars and of course Mavis Pearl the stuffed dog customized just to their personal interests. Inside was also a beautiful handmade quilt that I intend to wrap around myself while my 33 year old husband lives out of state for three months for a stem cell transplant to fight against stage III Hodgkin’s lymphoma B. The $25 gift card was another very helpful surprise in this awesome box filled with love. But my favorite part was the sweet hand written note from Lisa expressing her support and prayers to God along with the rest of the organization. What a blessing this was for our family.

We wanted to publicly thank you for such a thoughtful and uplifting gesture of JOY!  -Kimberly





Mavis Pearl and the JITC crew impact so many lives but on THIS Thanksgiving I need to thank you personally arms-hands-volunteerfor the impact of an adorable stuffed bulldog and a Rustic Cuff bracelet. You were at Oklahoma Cancer Specialists on May 24 on the occasion of my 35th and final radiation treatment for throat cancer. You gave me the one and only Mavis Pearl look alike, let me pet and hug the real thing and when you found out it was my last treatment day, you took the cuff off your wrist and placed it on mine. Those two gifts sustained me through the initial painful healing from the radiation burns and my recovery. On Monday I got word that my scans look good and they anticipate that I will not need further treatments. And my throat has healed enough that today I cooked AND ate Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Mavis Pearl still sits front and center and the cuff draws compliments daily. Your acts of caring and support mean so much. As you enjoy your day with your family, thank you for the countless hours you spend helping others. Thank you for helping ME.  Mary



“You have truly made my mom the happiest lady alive! We got the box today so I immediately face timed my mom she care package for ladyhad no idea she was going to receive a stuffed mavis in the mail and she bawled like a baby it made her so happy!! We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything in the box with miss mavis pearl! We love it all so very much”  Patria






11924558_10100542985664884_2469313151025618042_n“Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You guys made my moms day! She was still smiling after she left. I can’t express how much I appreciate you making a trip to see her and I love that she made others smile today as well. We have our hands full with taking care of my mom and I also have toddler that has cystic fibrosis so anytime we have a good day we take full advantage if it and today was a great day due to Mavis!”  – Annalee      


“Hello –
I work for a local police Department.  When I came back from maternity leave a few weeks ago I noticed the “Joy for a Cause” stuffed dogs. I thought that I would look it up for myself and see what it was all about.
Growing up with a mom who cared more about drugs than her kids, I know what it feels like to be alone. I know what it like to be homeless, hungry and scared. We had family, but much like I see in my line of work as a dispatcher, people don’t want to get involved. I read on your website about the fabulous things you all do and the smiles you bring to faces. I’m sure you hear it often, but thank you. Thank you for being someone’s someone.”   KC

I took the Mavis dog you gave me to the nursing home today to see my mother. The facility where my Mom is img_2577staying is so understaffed, no one came to get her for lunch and she was under covers asleep at 11:45. I got someone help to get her up but she had trouble opening her eyes (a first). When we got to the cafeteria table and a cup of coffee, I took the puppy out of my purse and put it in her arms. She can’t see it but she could feel it. I told her where it cam from,  and that loving hands and hearts had made it… and it was blessed. She said  “oh, now I have something to love and I’ll sleep with it to keep me warm.” It melted my heart and I wondered why I didn’t think of that sooner….. when you’re blind you don’t have that sense of where you are but you can feel and it made her feel safe. I knew that dark box she was living in had a ray of light thanks to that sweet Mavis dog.  Thank you!  BR

I was so blessed to receive Mavis Pearl on the day of my last radiation treatment. My stress level was so high

IMG_2637 until a wonderful group of women danced into the radiation waiting area and began to distribute these cuddly gifts of hope and faith.  I hugged the little Mavis and began to pet it. It was such a comfort. The smiles and hugs of those women bolstered my courage to walk into that last treatment with peace. Your beautiful angels efforts mean so much to the people who receive them. They will actually feel the love and faith and be blessed. I know first hand!  Mary M.

Thank you, Lisa Jernigan Bain, for Joy in the Cause’s generous donation of all the Mavis dogs to the Tulsa court dogsCounty District Attorney’s Office!! I got to see firsthand today the joy that one of these toys brought to one of Nala’s “kids” when she received it – her eyes lit up and the biggest smile was on her face when she promptly named her dog toy “Nala”!! Often the kids who benefit from our court dogs want to take them home with them, and now they can take a tangible reminder of our dogs who do so much to help them through a difficult time! You’re a very special lady, Lisa, and I think I can speak for all of our court dog team in saying we appreciate your giant heart!!  Debra C.

After a very long stressful and overwhelming week of nothing but bad news while at Mcare package for Katieayo Clinic, I got this in the mail today from Joy In the Cause. What a way to make my day and week so much brighter and easier! I truly feel special and loved by so many people. Thank you for your kindness and generosity! This is simply amazing in every way!  Katie H.

patient who received backpackThank you so much for bringing light to my sons life.  It meant a lot to him that someone cared what he is going through!  We loved every single item in the care package!  Arika R.

patienet with dog

“Thank you so much for putting a smile on her face, it was such joy. In the evening before bed she wants her dog.  Good thing I grabbed several pamphlets! All the nurses and doctors comment on her quilt, and puppy and we share the story of Joy in the cause. What a great group of people!”  Deanna M.


“You made my friends day today! You and Mavis visited her during chemo and really brightened up her day. Thank you for all you do. She was so happy and said you all were so nice and kind and even gave her a quilt, some snacks, a Mavis dog,  and gas card for her long drive home. She was so relieved.  It literally made her tough day one that brought her joy.
Thanks again for being there for her!” Jennifer K.IMG_7248


I am amazed. I am in awe. I am so, so grateful for the care package you sent all of the kids! Big smiles and thumbs up all around! You’re love and generosity truly shows how God is working through people. I cannot thank you enough for bringing some happiness into our lives during this time. You gave us a reason to smile today and for that, we are so thankful.  Thank you so much for joy today.  I want everyone to know what awesome work you are doing and how much you help. I never thought I would be on this end and is so nice to have someone bring some light.  God bless you and your organization. My 9 year old and her best friend are already planning on making clothes for more Mavis dogs. They are in love!  Thank you from the bottom of our heart!  – Heather


How do I even begin to thank you for all you have done for our family.  We are left without words. From meals to money cards, you were the only ones who came through for us during this difficult journey with my Mom’s Alzheimer’s. You brought a smile to Mom’s face when it had been so long since we had seen one. Your visits and support brought so much joy to our family. We are forever grateful to you for being there with us in the last days of my Mom’s life here on earth. Thank you for helping us find joy when we wondered if we would ever smile again”. You are angels! – Mary C.


patient transplantOne month ago today, I received a stem cell transplant for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma……with Mavis Pearl right by my side. Thought I’d share! Thank you all for all that you do!  Kristen H.



My son is receiving treatment for pre-B cell ALL and shortly after his diagnosis we were in clinic and one of the staff asked my son if he wanted a Mavis Pearl dog. We had no clue what a Mavis Pearl dog was. She opened a closet and admin-ajax 2handed him what I thought was the cutest stuffed animal I’ve ever seen! His diagnosis really hasn’t got any easier to stomach but that particular day, when I felt I had nothing to smile about, that adorable dog made me smile. It also made my son smile and I took it home and it made my 3 year old daughter and my husband smile. I just wanted to say thank you for the smiles on a gloomy day. We proudly display little Mavis up on the dresser and it’s a daily debate everyday with my daughter why she can’t get her down to play with her.  I simply tell her that we have to save Mavis so when brother gets older he can share with his friends and family how strong and brave he was and show them the little inspirational dog that showed up one day and made him and mommy smile! Thank you for what you do it’s truly a blessing!  “K”





IMG_7090Joy in the Cause is such a blessing! My husband and I met you at the TCI back in June of this year. He had esophagus cancer. He lost his battle July 15. You gave him the first puppy with pants. He was so excited to get it because our grandson plays football in Sandsprings 5th grade. The 5th grade Sand Springs cheerleaders helped you raise money for the puppy. I sleep with that puppy every night. I take it with me when I travel and today I had to have surgery and it was there with me. That stuffed puppy gives me so much comfort. I can’t thank you enough for Joy in the cause”. It does so very much and I’m so thankful for you. You are a true blessing.


You were such a Blessing to my friendIMG_4156 today at TCI…she was really struggling and had the blues but your prayer quilt and Mavis dog really made her day….God Bless You all!  Your true care and compassion shines through!  Kimberly F.




I would like to say a special thank you for your care package. Two very special friends of ours reached out to you IMG_4494about the unexpected passing of my 56 year old mom and expressed a desire to Joy In Cause to help me cope with this loss. The gifts, the card, the stuffed Mavis, the Willow Tree figurine and the quilt that I received touched my heart in such a beautiful way that I can’t even begin to express with words. It was as if you knew my likes and what I needed to help comfort me. It was all so perfect. I pray God continues to bless you as you continue to touch so many lives. God bless you.  Stacy R.

Debbie Y.

JOY IN THE CAUSE - LAUGHTER MAKES A DIFFERENCEI have taken your video apart that is on your website and this is one of the frames that I felt was so beautiful. Just look at thesmiles! Who can say what healing a momentary lapse into joviality might produce. And the same applies to a family so stressed by this disease. Cancer is an emotional “family disease”. Heck, look at Mavis, even she is having a ball. No question that angels were everywhere in this shot. – E Ruddick


“My 4 year old was born with a congenital heart defect called HLHS. He had his tonsils removed last December and then hemorrhaged from his throat before he healed completely. They shipped him to a local Children’s hospital in Tulsa where he was given his Mavis in the ER. As you can see, she is well loved! Thank you!”  – Kristy

Robin received her stuffed dog today. She absolutely loves her along with everything else you sent. What an amazing care package!  She was having a really bad morning and when she went home for lunch she found the box. She thought it was something her husband ordered until she turned it over. It changed her whole day. God bless all of IMG_9378you for your wonderful work. – Susan



“The little Mavis Pearl you sent to my son is on the road again. She started her journey in Iraq then Fort Bragg to Afghanistan back to Bragg Back to Afghanistan back to Bragg. Then Fort Polk in Louisiana and by the 15 of June she will be in Fort Lewis in the state of Washington She only has another 9 year before retirement We have had such fun with her!”  (Sent in military package: Military Mavis)



Because sometimes you just need a bulldog in a wig to bring some joy!!! Thank you, Lisa, for bringing Mavis Pearl to our home!!! Your smile, sweet gifts, and precious Mavis made our day!!! – Autumn



Today, I was blessed enough to go around with the ladies at Joy In The Cause to spread the JOY that they so lovingly give. We gave Mavis Pearl stuffed dogs away and talked to the patients at the Tulsa Cancer Institute. I had to hold back tears today, as I heard some very emotional stories of their treatment, illness status, and even a few people who are going into remission. Everyday, I think about my Granddad John, and Auntie Maureen and their path through cancer, so if I can do anything to give any JOY into these folks lives, I will do it. I want to thank Lisa Jernigan Bain  for having me with them today to witness this. Joy In The Cause is truly such a great organization, so much that I just had to join! – JessieIMG_6971




Mavis Pearl was with me in spirit today via her Mini Me stuffed dog! We rocked the chemo lab for 6 hours! (my first chemo had to be administered very slow to make sure I didn’t have an adverse reaction) I did great. I was a little nervous in the parking lot as my husband and I were about to enter the bldg. Then I remembered all of the wonderful peeps that were praying for me and God said”Don’t worry! I got this!” Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow! Thank you for all of your support! – Suzie


I was a little apprehensive about starting my chemo today. Its not my actual first, that was 2007, but after all this time its my first again. But, today was special…I got to meet Mavis Pearl…she is beautiful and what she does for all of us who are suffering from this devastating illness, is beyond explanation. When she gave me a high 5 today, I knew things were going to be just fine. I cant thank Mavis and her family enough for helping today be much better. And thanks for the little Mavis that you gave me. When I look at her it will make each day better for me. Thanks again for all you do!! – Connie


Just wanted to Thank You for coming to TCI today my husband recived the dog with the pants on He still talk about it Made his day God bless!” – Debbie


Alyssa EbersoleThank you so much for the box of goodies with my Mavis Pearl dog. My friend sponsored the sweet Mavis dog and you wrote me a beautiful note about what you do. Please tell the young lady who made me the necklace and earrings that they are beautiful and I love them. Also you dressed Mavis Pearl so precious in the breast cancer outfit. I was having a bad day because I was nervous about a biopsy I needed on my foot. When I got this package it put the biggest smile on my face. I love your organization and what you do and I love Mavis Pearl. I just wanted to say Thank You so very much. I will be contacting you because I want to sponsor a young girl who is my daughters age and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. – Robin

10488187_764595726896287_1493087730635611653_nI had never given a stuffed Mavis Pearl dog before, until my grandma had a stroke. I went to visit her and had plannedto buy flowers, but I wanted to give her something that not everyone else was giving, so I brought a Mavis Pearl stuffed dog with me. This little dog worked miracles for my sweet grandma. She had no movement in her left side. While she was asleep she started wrapping her fingers around the back of the dog. We had to video just to show the nurse! The dog never made it far from her, she loved it so much. Grandma named it Lucy because she couldn’t say Mavis! Everyone who came in the room saw the this little Mavis dog and heard the story. Not only did the dog bring my grandma joy, it brought joy to my heart to see how much it helped my sweet Grandma. – Alyssa

Took this picture of my sweet grandpa this morning. He has fought a long, hard battle and is in the final days of his cancer journey. It was beautiful to see this smile on his face today. Thank you so much for all you do Mavis Pearl!  – Allison

“Hey, Mavis Pearl! Kat for Louisiana here. I got a fantastic gift in the mail today. I had a total right knee replacement knee surgeryon Aug. 4th. A special friend, that I consider my sister lives in Tulsa and knows how much I adore Mavis Pearl and Joy In The Cause. She had told me she was sending me something but I didn’t expect what was in the box when I opened it. IT WAS A MAVIS PEARL DOG WEARING A CHEERY YELLOW BANDANA AND A YELLOW TUTU. I was so excited I startled my two kiddos. It certainly brightened my day! The sweet Mavis dog really helped. She made me feel happy, made me smile, made me feel I was being thought about and, most importantly she let me know someone loved me and was thinking of me even if too far away to drop by. That is better medicine than anything found in a pill bottle. Thank you so much. Hug Mavis and her siblings for me.”  Kim 
“I wanted to let you know that my friend, that you sent a Mavis Pearl dog to, lived two weeks to enjoy your gift. Her brother told me it was so touching and receiving Mavis Pearl meant so much to her. The family will treasure keeping Mavis in their memories of her. Also, I visited with a friend the other day and as we were talking I was sharing the story of your organization and Mavis Pearl. She knew all about it.  Her husband was receiving Chemo at Tulsa Cancer Institute when you made a visit there with Mavis.  She said it did so much for him and just put a smile on his face. She said it was just wonderful and you would have to see it to know how much good it does for these patients.” Martha


IMG_7015So, as you know, I gave my grandma a mavis pearl dog and get this, HER TUMORS ARE GONE! Just completely gone. How does that work? You’re amazing! – Phoenix

I love your organization! I have brain cancer and I can’t tell you how much I am encouraged by what you do. I received my care package and it made my day! It’s people like you who get people like me through every day. Your JOY and happiness that I see in your Facebook page alone makes me smile! I really just want to say that I support everything y’all do and hope you keep doing it!   – Jon


I received Mavis Pearl in the mail last week. I have had a rough go as of late and the smile and joy I have from Mavis Pearl is wonderful. Thank you for giving me hope. – Louise


My son hasn’t stopped carrying his stuffed Mavis Pearl around with him and gets very upset if her tutu comes off – he wouldn’t wheel himself out of school on Wednesday because he couldn’t hold his dog and wheel his chair. What an awesome treat for the kids — thanks to all who made it possible!!!  – Melissa

Just thought I’d let you know I gave out my first Mavis Pearl dog to a little 3 year old we flew tonight. He clutched her SO tight!!! He loved it! Thank you so much!!  – Michele

1379617_4995361816809_164937370_nWe just got to my daughters… oh my gosh I cannot believe it! Everything a girl could ever wish for! You guys are so awesome! I love it! I love it! I have a bigsmile on my face and haven’t had one in awhile. I don’t know how to thank you. And that gift card will be great as we did not know how we were going to pay for all my meds in december. That will definitely help. You thought of everything! I treasure each and everything. Can’t wait to cuddle up with my ever so soft blanket and start reading your book with Mavis pearl right there with me. Our little boston terrier is jealous already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise to stay in touch. I am just so overwhelmed. Thank you again!  – Candy

I just got a Mavis Pearl dog in the mail yesterday after I got home from my chemo treatment. This was my 4th treatment and I was feeling down. But my Mavis Pearl cheered me up and I love it!  – Lisa

I love my Mavis Pearl dog! I have severe depression, o/a,  and degeneration disc disease. Your care package really lifted my spirits! My Mavis dog has a special place on my bed with my cat…… I need another one!!!  – Claudia

IMG_3970zzOmgosh….. I have had the bestest day ever!!! (At least in a long time)  I get home and there is a box at my front door.  So I sit down and open my box I pull back the tissue paper and inside was a MAVIS PEARL stuff dog. My eyes filled with tears and my heart just sang out loud.!!!! Thank you Lisa Jernigan Bain you have no idea how much Joy you brought to me this evening. Thank you is not enough….This is one of the many causes I believe in!!! Very happy and thankful!   – Julie

Mavis, I so enjoyed meeting you and your amazing mommy tonight!! You can back right up and sit in my lap any time! Mwah! I “wuff” you! Thank you Mavis, for bringing my friends some joy and being their bright spot today! You and your mommy are precious!”  – Keri

10422192_10152689785093454_6068518867233849994_nI want to share this story because it may inspire you as it did me! Four days ago, I got some upsetting news. It really shook me up. I had been expecting the news, but seeing it in black and white made it more drastic and real. It involves my home. The day after I got the news, I woke up crying. I could barely function. I was so badly in need of a hug but was alone in my home with no one around. I spoke with some people on the phone but they were rushed and I couldn’t take their time to explain my feelings. The only thing I knew to do was sit on my bed and bawl. Every little thing felt like rejection to me! Basically, I felt sorry for myself! I yelled and screamed and cried to God. I told Him it wasn’t fair! I also said how tired I am of waking up feeling depressed and am so tired of dealing with difficult things. I waited to hear God say something to me, but I heard nothing. Sometimes it doesn’t take bad news to get me to this place of depression/emotional despair. I know a lot of my current emotions have to do with certain circumstances, but chemo does a lot to the body too and so does the fact that I am going through an early menopause because of chemo. After a while of crying, screaming, and kicking… I soaked up God’s word and prayed. 983781_10152689785763454_914109065370201840_nAfter I had finally calmed down and felt like I could face my day, I was walking out my bedroom door when I noticed my Joy In the Cause Mavis Pearl dog. This dog is dressed in something I might wear! It has on a leopard dress, velvet jacket, black bows, sparkly necklace… Just my style! This dog was a gift to me from Lisa Jernigan Bain. Her mother had dressed and prayed over that dog before she had passed last December from cancer. It was one of her own stuffed dogs. She told Lisa that this particular dog was to be given to me. She had been praying for me, and even though I was cancer free at the time and had never met her, Lisa’s mother was adamant that I was to receive that dog. When I was diagnosed with cancer again in January 2014 and was scheduled to begin chemo in February, Lisa brought me a care package with that dog. She told me the story and it brought tears to my eyes. I had that dog with me at my first chemo and then had put it in my bathroom. Now, what is amazing is this. I forgot all about that story. Or rather, that little dog became an ordinary sighting of mine each day and the impact of its existence had lessened over the last few months. It was not intentional, but just something we all do naturally… We forget God’s appointments and forget about the daily miracles.10583983_10152689769453454_8727725261589164273_nSo, after I had cleaned up, wiped my face, and shed the tears… I looked at that little dog before I left my room and God spoke to me. He said this: “I knew your issues before they occurred. I knew you’d have good and down moments. This dog was appointed to you for such a time as this to remind you that I know your struggles and have already provided an answer!” And on that day, that answer came by being reminded what that little dog represents to me and how it came to me! Once again, God has provided and He knows all my needs! I need not be afraid because I know He has it under control!  – Elaine B.

One of my employees wife is a recipient of your kindness and support. I was given your website and think it is awesome. My father has Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed in March of 2013. It has been quite the journey and will continue that way. I am encouraged by people such as yourself who get the true meaning of why we are here. This morning, I was reading your website, and was so uplifted. Thank you for your work and the mission you are about.  – Paul

Today as I walked into the cancer center I was so scared to receive the results after my 4.5 year battle! You brought a smile to my face and an even bigger one in the pictures on the way out when I told you about the good report! God uses people like you to bring joy where some times it is hard to breath! Thank you!  – Brittany