It was a wonderful day at JITC!

We are so grateful for our partnership with QuikTrip!  They have enabled us to provide thousands of backpacks to first responders in the last several years.

These backpacks are filled to the brim with items they have requested to have on hand when called to help children in crisis.  From hygiene kits to a special Mavis dog and blanket.  These backpacks are filled to the brim with things that will bring comfort, and a smile.  The stories we hear of the children receiving backpacks and how much they are helping leave us speechless.  We are overwhelmed by the community support and cherish you all!

This project is growing so fast and we are in need of sponsors to get these backpacks to the rural communities as well.  If you want to volunteer, sponsor, partner with us, we need you!

A HUGE thank you to the volunteers from QuikTrip who came out and helped us today.  To all of our volunteers and first responders who helped and took backpacks for delivery,  thank you!

Take a look at this 2 minute video and see the “life of a backpack” from start to finish.  It will touch your heart and give you a glimpse into the JOY of this project!