We appreciate our first responders and health care providers so much. They are the ones on the front lines during this COVID-19 pandemic. Superheroes indeed! Joy in the Cause works with first responders daily to help children in crisis situations. The needs are greater than ever now with children at home, and many in heartbreaking situations and potential domestic violence calls increasing.

I have been asked if we are continuing to help first responders. Yes, with more filled backpacks than ever going out. 850 will be going out this week. 400 today. We are also providing board games, hygiene kits, and activities for children to have during this time at home. On top of those items the backpacks are filled to the brim. To see what goes into each backpack, just visit this link http://joyinthecause.org/joy-to-the-rescue-project-kids-in-crisis/

We are following strict CDC guidelines, and first responders come and pick up the backpacks. We are mailing record number of care packages since visits and deliveries cannot be made at this time due to CDC guidelines. To help our senior heroes since we are unable to make regular visits through The Purpose Project, we are mailing cards and encouraging items for them to have in their rooms to remind them they are loved and not forgotten. Our community is helping at home to help us with these handmade items of hope and encouragment. Thank you!

I am beyond thankful for the skeleton crew we have at the office to keep these needs met. The requests are coming in record numbers. We appreciate all of you who are donating and helping us meet these needs at this time. Let’s all stay safe, follow the guidelines, and get through this pandemic together, not walking in fear but faith!

For those asking about how they can donate, just go to this link. Every penny helps us meet these needs. Thank you! Donation Link