IMG_7132Joy in the Cause is so excited about The Purpose11692753_831924000249012_2270874580729207275_n Project!

The Purpose Project was designed to get kids, school groups, business organizations and volunteers involved in adopting a nursing home facility, an assisted living center, or hospice. These groups will visit their “adopted facility” throughout the year. We find that these visits spark a “purpose” for everyone involved! The volunteers find such joy in “giving” and many times feel such a purpose through it all. The residents visited beam with purpose as they are shown that THEY MATTER! The gift of giving heals the heart.

IMG_7166When the residents hear that “we will be back” the joy on their faces says it all!  Many have no support system and are alone in their final journey of life.  We don’t want this to be the case.  We want every senior hero to know they are loved and not forgotten!  Their cause matters!


The adoptions are happening weekly now and that means the need for Mavis stuffed dog sponsorships is great!  We want these residents and patients to be blessed with their very own Mavis Pearl dog.  Each dog outfit handmade by our volunteers.  We call these little dogs “Miracle Mavis Dogs!”  They have worked some pretty amazing miracles for these patients.  It warms our hearts every time we see it!

IMG_7010For $1500, you can provide an adopted facility with IMG_2014Mavis Pearl dogs!  Your name will go on the Mavis Pearl dogs along with your name on a special Mavis Pearl wreath presented to the facility on the first visit!  These dogs bring SO much joy and comfort to patients and residents!

Your sponsorship and donation help us continue this amazing mission to help these heroes!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!IMG_7161

To become a sponsor,  you can make a monthly donation or a one time sponsorship donation at the top of our home page where it says “DONATE.”  Leave us a note that you are desiring to sponsor a facility, and include your contact information.  The joy journey continues because of you!

Here is a recent testimonial from the daughter of a patient we visited through the Purpose Project:

IMG_7228“Where do I begin?  We have not seen Mom smile in years.  She smiledIMG_6972 today!  How could she NOT smile!  The happy faces of sweet students bringing stuffed Mavis dogs to each resident had me wiping tears.  To be honest, our hope was dwindling we would ever see a glimpse of Mom again.  We got that glimpse today.  It’s amazing how much happiness that little stuffed dog brought to Mom.  She will not let it out of her hands.  I cannot tell you enough what you have done for us in caring enough to care for my Mom and the others here, many who are forgotten and have no support.  Please tell the students who spent time with Mom, thank you.  They made such a difference today in our lives.  We didn’t know anything like this existed.  Thank you and God bless Joy In The Cause and those who help!  We experienced a miracle today because of you.

Sincerely,  Ann B.