“Sowing seeds of LOVE reaping a harvest of JOY!”

That is what the Sowing Room is all about.

The handmade items in care packages, on the stuffed Mavis dogs, prayer quilts and so much more are created in the sowing room.  Many friendships are made in this room!  It is the place where JOY lives!

This room is about “sowing seeds of love, reaping a harvest of JOY!”

We have many projects going and here are a few:

Port pillows for patients undergoing chemotherapy  

If you are interested in picking up a port pillow kit let us know! Just send an email to sowingroom@joyinthecause.org or call 918-998-0538 to schedule your pick up.

Lovey Blankets  

These little cozy blankets are cut out with edges crocheted.  If you like to crochet, you will love this project!  These soft blankets are put into the backpacks that are delivered to children in crisis.  They are a favorite of the children.


COVID-19 Mask Project


We have all been impacted by COVID-19 and JOY is much needed during these times!  What better way to have joy than to give back!  The HUGE need for masks during this pandemic was brought to our attention and we were asked to help.

 Let the sewing begin!  

We are posting the instructions of the masks we are making, and the video of how to make the masks on this page.  It is a priority to make sure we are strictly adhering to CDC regulations for safety during this time.

This project can be done at home, which makes it even better (and safer!)  If you have the supplies at home to make these masks that is wonderful, if not you can pick up a kit at the Joy in the Cause headquarters.  Just send an email to sowingroom@joyinthecause.org or call 918-998-0538 to schedule your pick up.

We want to thank all of you who are helping us help our local medical professionals, first responders, and firefighters who are on the front lines in this crisis.  We will get through this together!

In faith, not fear…we persevere!


Sowing Room (Mask Supplies) donation link


Mask Information   Video of the mask we are making


If elastic is unavailable and you have twill tape (which we can supply if you do not) we will follow these mask instructions


If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!