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The amazing Sowing Room!

IMG_1882Many have asked if we misspelled this one.  It is indeed spelled correctly.  It is the place where many seeds of love are “sown”.

 “Sowing seeds of love, reaping a harvest ofIMG_1108 joy.”

It is also where much “sewing” happens!  All those Mavis dog outfits, tutus, quilts of love, and items that go into care packages are created in the sowing ELASTIC JOANroom!  This Sowing Room is a place where fellowship happens, and many friendships are made.  It is amazing how many of our volunteers become close friends after much time sewingIMG_1287 together and helping with care packages!

We have many incredibly talented volunteers who make this room a pt hugging stuffed mavisplace where miracles happen!  We are blessed beyond measure by the many hands who help us meet all the needs and care package patient hugging mavis dogrequests.   Many Many seeds of great love have been planted into the lives of many in this room.  It blesses our hearts to see where those seeds of love bloom!