IMG_3204One of the books that has blessed my heart and helped in more ways than I can even describe is Max Lucado’s “Traveling Light” It is about burden’s God does not intend for us to bear. I love the 23rd Psalm, which is what this book is based on, and I can still hear my sweet Mamma talking about how the Good Shepherd was always with her and would be with her on her journey to heaven. When I was asked to share my story for the upcoming television series Traveling Light with Max Lucado I was so honored. I would be sharing on the chapter called I Will Lead You Home….”Releasing the Burden of the Grave”. This chapter was one I clung to on resting in the Shepherds arms as He took my Mom’s journey home very personally. It was a burden He wanted to carry. And He did. Many have asked how I walked through her death and then immediately continued to carry out her legacy with Joy In the Cause. The answer is simple. He carries me through this journey every single day. I could not do it without Him. Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors. I am 

51xxYXzeeAL._SL300_PicMonkey Collagefff 2excited to announce that this 13 week series of the of book Traveling Light begins airing March 16, 2015 on TBN. Friday evenings. 8PM Central. Chapter 10 is the chapter that I tell our story. And Mavis Pearl is even on with me! This book and series is a series that will change your life. It did mine! I was blessed beyond measure doing this taping and cannot say enough great things about the crew and production team. They have become dear friends. So grateful for them all.