robotics with hatsWe had such a blast this afternoon with the Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial High School. The Robotics Club! They have won countless awards! Boy were we impressed! These students and staff are jumping on board to help Joy To The Rescue, Project “Kids in Crisis”

They have raised funds to purchase special flashlights for the backpacksrobotics that will go to children in crisis. These backpacks are handed out by first responders. What is so neat about these flashlights is they need no batteries….ever. You just shake them and they are charged! It’s the coolest thing ever!

We love working with students and love seeing their giving hearts in action! We can’t wait to work with them this next year and show them what a difference they are making!

We are in need of more sponsors to get the next round of backpacks out to the 3 remaining TPD stations.  If you are interested, just go to the green donate button on the right of the home page and note in the box JTTR!  Thank you for your support!   We could not do it without you!