Addison and her mavis dogsIt touches our heart beyond words to see how many schools, and even individual students want to pay it forward through Joy To The Rescue Project Kids in Crisis.

Addison who attends Metro Christian School hasAddison making her mavis1 worked hard to raise funds for two backpacks.  Today she came to the office and dressed her Mavis Dog, packed the backpacks she raised funds for, and is delivering them to a police officer this week.

That backpack will be in the police officer’s car and given to a child in #17 policeJTTR2crisis.  These officers receive calls everyday that are heartbreaking.  Children abandoned, in accidents, traumatic situations, most facing the scariest time of their lives.  These backpacks are a tool these officers have to bring a little joy and a smile during these calls.police giving flashlight

We hear it often, how the most horrible situations are changed when these children receive their backpacks.  Items bringing comfort and hope, can make such a difference, and they do!

One backpack represents so many loving hands and hearts coming together to help kristina's daughter getting her backpacksthese children.  That is what makes those backpacks so special and have the impact that they have.

Addison we are so proud of you!  Our children leading the way!

That’s what it is all about!