It was an amazing day with many incredible students.

We love working with students, teaching them about volunteering and community service.  Giving is a powerful thing!  We love these days because we see many “ah ha” moments.  As one student stated on one of these visits “I never knew giving back could be so fun and fulfilling! I love this!”

Today we had the joy of welcoming the Tulsa Global Alliance of Youth Ambassadors from Brazil.  They learned about what we do at Joy in the Cause, and participated in several of the projects.  They dressed Mavis dogs that go into care packages, and packed backpacks that will soon be in the vehicles of first responders.  It was a joy to have these students with us today.

Our continued partnership with Tulsa Tech is one we cherish, and we LOVE the Tulsa Tech Career Academy days!  Today was the morning class day and it was a full house.  These students learned about volunteering and the many ways to pay in forward to help others in need. That giving back and community service can truly be not only rewarding but FUN!  They too worked on several projects today at JITC.

 Many of these students continue on to become a JITC volunteers.

It is a highlight to work with students, and tie in education with our JITC projects.  The stories of how these students have become involved and what it has meant to their futures is truly heartwarming.

Like we say at JITC all the time,

Giving = Joy, Joy = Hope, Hope = Healing.

Today was an example of that!