When those “blah” moments come, and life seems to feel unpredictable and mundane. Those moments can hit hard on a rainy Monday morning can’t they? Just remember that some of the biggest miracles can be found in those mundane moments…..if we look for them.

When I get hit with the “blah’s”, all it takes is remembering that this moment, this mundane moment….is a gift. Many days may not be “instagram worthy, and many days are real and raw….but they are full of God’s love. That’s the game changer.

I have lost several very dear friends to illness this month, and I realize more than ever “what they would have given for just one more mundane moment!” I should never take them for granted. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow but we have right now. What will we do with it? Our present is a present directly from God. He’s in the every day moments, even the ones that feel gray and gloomy. There is true meaning to your life, and sometimes the biggest miracles are found right at the center of those mundane moments. If you look for them, I promise you will find them. Life is a gift  

Let’s un-tie those ribbons, and watch mundane turn to miraculous!