We are so excited you are interested in becoming a Joy in the Cause volunteer! 

You will love the JOY that it brings and the friends you will make!  You will also be blessed yourself as you are blessing others.  We always say at Joy in the Cause:  Giving = Joy, Joy = Hope, Hope = Healing.  Giving and serving are truly healing on all sides.  It helps the giver and the receiver!

We are currently holding our orientations online!  

We have a few requirements that are listed below, and you will be set to volunteer!

For those of you wanting to join the Hope Visit team,  just contact Bethany at projectscoordinator@joyinthecause.com  and she can direct you to more information you will need with that project.  There is some extra training required, and shadowing since hospital, hospice, and home visits are made.  We want to make sure our volunteers are up to date on HIPPA information and other important information needed for those visits.  Jodi Letteer is your project leader for the HOPE visits!


Step One:

Fill out the Joy in the Cause Volunteer Application at this link

Track It Forward Volunteer Application

Please download the Track It Forward App on your phone.  You will use this app to track your hours when you volunteer.  Counting those hours is very important!

This is what the Track it Forward App looks like.  


Step Two: 

Fill out your background check at this link

Volunteer Background Check

(There is not charge to the volunteer for this application)


Step Three:

Please read the Volunteer Handbook at this link:

JITC Volunteer Handbook


Step Four:

We have some fun informative videos for you to watch (don’t worry, they are not long and boring) that will explain what Joy in the Cause is all about and each project available to volunteer!  There are many projects to choose from!

Please watch the following videos:

 Joy In The Cause Introduction

Joy In The Cause Projects

JITC Profile Video



Step Five:

Please fill out this volunteer orientation check list:

Volunteer Orientation Check List