Here’s a quick overview of our volunteer program opportunities once you join!


Sowing Room: A room all about crafting, sewing, and having FUN!! This is a come and go volunteer opportunity, during our office hours. Volunteers may work on current community projects, as well as dress Mavis Pearl dogs, make tutus, create cards, and even check out some projects to complete at home. We have embroidering, sewing, cutting, punching holes, and a ton of other fun crafts happening in our Sowing Room! 



The Purpose Project: A great project for evenings and weekends, and family friendly. Visits to local nursing facilities to play games, interact with spa days, and just plain shower our senior heroes with love! Volunteers may visit individually or as a group and are asked to visit at least once monthly.



Joy to the Rescue: Our largest volunteer project with the greatest ongoing need! Backpacks are filled with needed items for domestic abuse victims, sex trafficking victims, kids battling life-threatening illnesses, and so many more situations, and they are delivered to local police, fire, and shelter workers to distribute to the people in need. Volunteers may visit the office to help pack backpacks, create lap blankets, dress Mavis dogs, or even hold fundraisers to sponsor our backpacks!



HOPE Visits: A wonderful way to get one-on-one time with families in need! Our HOPE team visits patients and families who are battling life-threatening illnesses and those with special needs. This team is specially trained and is “On Call” at all hours of the day for visits. Care packages are taken to the families, ranging from gift cards to toys to clothes and so much more. Interviews and special training with our program leader are required to become a HOPE volunteer. 



Joy in the Adventure: Joy in the Adventure was created to encourage families to find Joy in the adventure of life after losing a loved one. The loss of a loved one can pull families in a multitude of directions. We are here to fellowship and encourage families in their healing and help families find joy. Volunteers who are interested to help with events, fundraisers, and service projects for this group are welcome to join anytime! 

We love all the events that we get to host and participate in each year! We need volunteers to help us at every event, and there are opportunities in almost every capacity to make these a success! We use Facebook to communicate what upcoming events we have as well as post signups on there so be sure to join our group page! Our Projects Coordinator Bethany also sends volunteer email updates every once in a while so be sure to connect with her if you would like those emails as well.

If you would like to hear more about these projects, just go to this video for more details!