We love our volunteers!  They are the heart of Joy In The Cause!  There are many ways to become involved!


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Take a look at how many ways you can become involved!


The “Sowing Room”

Taking Ground for those in need: Sowing seeds of love: Reaping a harvest of JOY!

Nancy Spradling: Embrodery/Sowing Room

Our sowing room is where the miracles happen!  This is the room where our volunteers meet to “create” the many items that are put into care packages and delivered to those in need.    You don’t need to know how to sew!  You don’t even have to have a creative bone in your body!  We have leaders who will help you every step of the way.  We make stuffed Mavis Pearl outfits, tutus and bandanas, quilting, card-making, embroidering, painting, and so much more!

We are always in need of those who can embroider bandanas. Each dog is unique, and created with tender loving care. We send these little dogs off with a blessing and a prayer.

You will love our Sowing Room Nights!  Those nights are usually scheduled the 1st Tuesday of every of the month!  6:00 to 7:30 p.m.   You will make life long friendships and love this night of creative fun!


The Purpose Project

Do you have a passion to help our senior heroes?  Many times nursing home visits are
few and far between for many facilities in the area. We want to change that.   It is our goIMG_0448al to form adoptions of these facilities from many of the volunteers who are helping Joy In The Cause.  Businesses, Youth Groups, and Organizations are jumping on board to make monthly visits to facilities.  From decorating the Mavis Dogs that are delivered to being a volunteer who adopts a facility.  You will love what happens as you pay it forward with these amazing residents in need of a smile.   Ronda Perkins is your Purpose Project Director.


Joy in the Adventure

Joy In The Adventure was created to encourage families to find joy in the adventure of life after losing a loved one. The loss of a loved one can pull families in a multitude of directions. We are here to fellowship and encourage families in their healing process and helping families find joy!  We will soon be starting Camp JOY!  This means many opportunities for volunteers!  If you like games, activities, helping with camp activities and having FUN, this may be the project for you!  Heather Yates is the JITA coordinator!


Military & Veterans Committee

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We love supporting the many organizations in our community who help our service men and women and veterans.  This committee is involved in helping with that support!  We are involved in the Veteran’s Day Parade, laying wreaths on the graves of soldiers in December, sending out care packages to our soldiers overseas, and helping their families who are here locally.  It is also a joy to visit veterans and make care package deliveries to bring  joy to these heroes.  We love our soldiers, and veterans and we want to honor them in any way we can.



We have fundraisers throughout the year and we are always needing gala headbandsvolunteers to help.  Whether it is a bunco event, or a benefit dinner, you will love being a part of it all.  We could not hold these events without our volunteers!  We have our big benefit dinner April 21, 2017 in the works, A 5K annual run, and many events in between!  If you are interested in helping with any of these, we need you!  Our events are such a FUN and EXCITING time!

happy runner!



HOPE Visits

Joy In The Cause makes monthly visits to facilities around the area. Fromkeri-patient-visit1 Hospitals, to Hospice Centers, to Home visits….they are visits that bring just that…HOPE! We deliver stuffed Mavis Pearl dogs and care packages to patients.  The facility list is growing weekly and the need for help growing with it!  If you have a compassionate heart to spread love and joy to those in need of some hope, this is for you!  These visits are truly life changing for all involved.  Jodi Letteer is your Hope Visit Director.






Office Work

steph-folding-jttr-shirtsWe have many opportunities to help with paperwork. Whether it be data img_1867entry or writing thank you notes, we need you!  Are you a computer “geek!”  We need you!  Our office is open and we are in need of those to help with the daily office needs that arise.  This is a great area for those who may not work outside of the home and can help at our JOY office during the week.  We have a fun crew that you will be working with!  Some days you will be dressing Mavis Dogs!  It doesn’t get better than that!





Testimonials From Volunteers

jodi letteer

I LOVE being part of JITC. I started out making tutus and absolutely loved it! It may seem like such a small part, but when you step back and look at the big picture, you quickly realize how very important it is. Each & every Mavis dog is unique. They are all dressed and accessorizedby hand with love & care! I’m an oncology nurse at Tulsa Cancer Institute.

I find myself thinking about the patients as I sit and quietly make tutus. It is impossible for me to make them and not think about the incredible warriors that will be receiving these precious dogs. With the placement of each piece of tulle, loving thoughts & prayers are being said for the patients, their loved ones, and their families.   So much love goes into each and every one of these little dogs.

I am so incredibly blessed to be part if this amazing group!! So many friendships are formed and special bonds develop. There is so much love and Joy in the room, it is tangible. – Jodi Letteer



13975405_10207203686274912_681749355220849025_oWow is all I can say.  About a year ago we had a meeting at work. They told us some organization was going to come speak to us about what they do and said First Mortgage was going to be one of their sponsors. Little did I know how that morning meeting would change my life! The organization that came was “Joy In The Cause” and the speaker was Lisa Bain. I was so touched by her story, her mission, her passion and her Joy. Several of us have become Joy In The Cause volunteers. I cannot tell you how my life and how I look at life has changed. Joy In The Cause gave me an award last night. I am still in shock. Me? Award? WOW! Lisa words she said about me say I have bloomed and changed. She is right, I have and it is all because of the blessing I get from working with this amazing organization! I am so honored, Lisa. Thank you to you, Skipper, and everyone at JITC!! I love you all!  – Janet Varnell



kristyYesterday, the girls and I visited our second nursing home with Joy in the Cause. They loved our first Purpose Project visit and asked to go again before school starts, so off we went. The smiles those girls bring to the residents faces makes my heart happy!
We met a woman who used to own a clothing store, high-fived one of the sweetest gentlemen there, and saw stern faces light up when they were given a Mavis Pearl dog and told that they were loved. Simple pleasures. Big smiles. Hearts changed. It only takes one act of kindness to make a difference in this world. Go … do your part my friends!  Kristy Morrison.



Oh the Joy my heart feels when I get to give back…. my joy, my happiness, my fulfillment comes when I amjennifer robinson connecting, helping, giving…. Thank you Lisa Bain for all of the JOY you spread! Thank you for a fun night tonight at the Volunteer Appreciation Night!  May our Military Committee touch more Veterans & Families than we can imagine….much love.  – Military Committee Chair: Jennifer Robinson




missy1A couple years ago, I went to a get-together at my precious friend Teresa’s home and met Lisa Jernigan Bain and little Mavis Pearl. I spent the evening listening to story after story, in tears – some of sadness some of happiness.
I prayed for God to show me what I can do to bless others through JITC. It didn’t take long before I was knee-deep in gala plans and it has been a party ever since!
I am blessed and humbled by Lisa, the JITC board members and volunteers who bring so much JOY to so many.
I am so honored to be a part of the JITC team!  Missy B.


shellyAbout a year ago I walked into a meeting, having no idea what was in store.
Lisa opened up the meeting in prayer.  I bowed my head and tears just running down my cheeks, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. After the meeting I shared my story with Lisa. I told her I just needed some Joy back in my life. It’s been a year of visits to people in need, dressing dogs, hugs, events , fundraising and oh yes those Joy Jumps.
I knew I was where God wanted me to be. I am so blessed to be a part of JITC.  Shelly T.



Alyssa Ebersole

One of the best things about Joy In The Cause is that it doesn’t focus on one type of illness! It has brought my family and the International Order Of The Rainbow For Girls so much joy! Watching the miracles and smiles that come from the stuffed Mavis Pearl dogs is heartwarming. Joy In The Cause is an infectious organization, once you start helping you can’t stop! The best part of helping with JITC is knowing that whatever you do is helping someone else, even if it’s just making a tutu you have helped someone else have a happier day!

I had never given a stuffed Mavis Pearl dog before, until my grandma had a stroke. I went to visit her and had planned to buy flowers, but I wanted to give her something that not everyone else was giving, so I brought a Mavis Pearl stuffed dog with me. This little dog worked miracles for my sweet grandma. She had no movement in her left side. While she was asleep she started wrapping her fingers around the back of the dog.  We had to video just to show the nurse!  The dog never made it far from her, she loved it so much.  Grandma named it Lucy because she couldn’t say Mavis! Everyone who came in the room saw the this little Mavis dog and heard the story.  Not only did the dog bring my grandma joy, it brought joy to my heart to see how much it helped my sweet Grandma. – Alyssa Ebersole



Christine Laudati

Volunteering with JITC has provided me with a meaningful way to share what I love to do with others. I believe in what JITC stands for and to be a part of such a loving and committed group of people is an honor. There are many different organizations to dedicate your time to, but this one stands out to me above all others. It is the genuine love and concern for others that is beyond moving…‘Because YOUR cause Matters! – Christine Laudati